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How to choose best Sipper or Sippy Cup for your baby

How to choose best Sipper or Sippy Cup for your baby

What is Sippy Cup or Sipper

Sippy Cup is a cup usually made with plastic having a straw or snap on lid or spout and sometimes a handle too. It is used to give training to the little babies. Sippy Cup increases coordination between baby’s hands and mouth and help to teach her drinking independently. This is a good way of transition from bottle to normal cup.


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When should we start using Sipper

You can give Sipper to your baby at 6 months. But if you feel that he/she is not ready to accept this then try some later. Most of the babies start using Sippy Cup at 7 or 8 months of age. It is a good idea to get your baby used to a Sipper before his/her first birthday, because after one year your baby becomes more attached with his/her bottle. Using bottles for long may cause tooth decay.

Purpose of different type of Sippy Cups

There are a lot of types of Sippy Cups available in the market. While choosing one for your baby, keep these things in your mind.

  1. Try to buy that one which looks like baby’s milk bottle. If Sippy Cup’s spout is also close to bottle teat then it would be easy for baby to accept this.
  2. Sippers with handles are good to make hand and mouth coordination.
  3. Long Sipper is easy to handle also.
  4. Choose plastic Sipper which is sterilizable.
  5. Sipper should be spill proof.
  6. Sippy Cup’s spout should be soft for younger babies.
  7. Sippy Cup with straw is not suitable for younger babies, generally babies start sucking with straw at 18 months age.
  8. Some babies do not like any specific Sipper, don’t get disappointed with this and try some other Sippy Cup.


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