One of our readers shared a question about having unprotected sex and ‘Early Pregnancy Test’. She mentioned, “I had unprotected sex last night, I just want to know how soon we can do home pregnancy test to know whether I am pregnant or not?”

How Home Pregnancy Test works?

I though, we should give a detail information about How Pregnancy test works, how soon we can do a home pregnancy test and how accurate the results are of a home pregnancy test.

As soon as any egg fertilize in female body, it start to produce pregnancy hormone that is known as hCG. All the home pregnancy test strips that use urine sample to determine whether you are pregnant or not, actually checks whether hCG pregnant in your urine or not. In general the hCG levels will double every 48 – 72 hours.

How much hCG require to detect accurate pregnancy result?

Mostly ‘Home Pregnancy Test’ requires 25mlU/ml hCG hormone quantity in urine sample to accurately detect the positive pregnancy.

Can you take Home Pregnancy Test to detect Pregnancy before missed period?

Answer is yes, now a day it is possible to detect your pregnancy before missing periods. There are special ‘Home Pregnancy Test’ kits available in the market that can help you to know the pregnancy as early as six (6) days sooner than your missed period with over 99% accuracy.


First Response Early Pregnancy Test Kit Can Detect Pregnancy Before missing period

A special Home Pregnancy Test kit from ‘First Response’ claims that they can detect the pregnancy as early as 6 days sooner than your missed period that also with 99% accuracy. In the lab testing they have got below result that explains the accuracy of ‘First Response Early Pregnancy Test’ kit.

1 >99%
2 >99%
3 >99%
4 96%
5 76%


Why it is important to know the pregnancy as early as possible?

Pregnancy is a life changing event. First couples of weeks are very critical for fetus development so it is always good to know about your pregnancy as early as possible. As soon as you know about your pregnancy, you can start living a healthy life style that is goof you and your baby too.

Note:- Every human body is different so every pregnancy is also different. Some pregnant women may not have detectable amounts of the pregnancy hormone in their urine on the day they use the test. In such scenario when you have doubt that you can be pregnant you should repeat the test again after 24 – 48 hours as hCG increases itself after every 36 – 72 hours.

Note:- To get accurate result from pregnancy test you must follow the instruction mention on pregnancy test kit.

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