Constipation is a situation which includes hard stools, pain, obstipation, headache, fatigue etc. It is not a very serious condition or a disease which one may feel extremely difficult to handle. Constipation has numerous home and medicinal remedies to cure.

Constipation attracts many conflicting views. Its circumference goes from uneasy bowel movements to chronic constipation. Many foods have proved reasons for constipation like milk. But, some facts need to be unfolded for better understanding of this situation:

Can Milk Make You Constipated

  1. Kids start their bowel movements just after birth; constipation can follow when they are started with processed foods or after getting toilet trained or after starting with school. But, it’s not relevant always.
  2. Constipation due to milk does create serious consequences. Many kids with milk intolerance show nausea, eczema, dry skin, and diarrhea. But, it’s not always wise to associate milk with constipation. Though many studies have denied milk causing constipation. And many have supported. Conclusions still reveal that cow’s milk creates more constipation and soy milk is a solution.
  3. Milk goes from the process of pasteurization which extracts vitamins, minerals that are essential for digestion. Some ways of feeding cows also affect the milk they produce and thus, constipation and other situations occur.
  4. Some evidences say that dairy products make you more prone to constipation or even its symptoms. It’s not necessarily the situation in all the matters. Yet, it’s true that people are lactose intolerant, and create abdominal discomfort with dairy products consumption.
  5. Away from milk, low fiber and low liquid diet is also a famous reason behind constipation. Fiber rich foods and liquids have all the nutritious elements reducing constipation.
  6. Regular bowel movements are a section of abdomen which requires dedication. Skipping bowel movements is another cause of constipated abdomen.

Let’s put forward the remedies for constipation, making the information clearer and helpful:

  1. If milk is the reason, try some probiotic supplements like curd and buttermilk. Away from milk, low fiber and low liquid diet is also a famous reason behind constipation.
  2. Raw milk is an alternative, helps in improving digestion and relieving constipation. It is also advised to purchase raw milk only from good suppliers.
  3. You can easily replace dairy products with figs, sardines, green leafy vegetables, molasses, almonds, papaya, broccoli, sprouts, beets, apples, oat bran, wheat etc. High fiber and liquid diets are secrets of having the strongest immunity and digestion system. Abdominal queries can get solved with a regime enriched with vegetables and fruits which can prove as nourishing as milk.
  4. Oat milk, rice milk, unsweetened almond milk can be beneficial in case of avoiding milk.
  5. Water is the most important substance, essential for all the living beings on earth. High fiber intake in body has to be followed by water as water prevents intestines from developing blockage. All nutritious components carry the need of water to get digested and thus, preventing constipation.

Going overboard with dairy products, relying on processed foods, drinking caffeinated drinks, alcohol intake are some habits which are, if not ignored on time, may show troublesome aftereffects. Go for healthy routine when you get alarming signals from the abdomen.