The best that you can do to keep your body fit is to exercise. Active gym life and keeping up with regular exercise activity is what the health professionals recommend. However, surprisingly many times when exercise is suppose to be cure for constipation, often it becomes cause for it too. Our digestive system is complex and it is possible when one changes their lifestyle, they need to focus upon making other changes too. Although some people do complain of constipation, there is no scientific evidence to it, then why does this happen? Let us find out the possible cause behind it and understand all about it.

What is constipation?

Constipation is the result of undigested food and the digestive system absorbs too much water. The result is hard faeces and dry stool that makes it difficult to pass. If this problem is not addressed on its onset then you may suffer from serious trouble. It can lead to blood in stools, constant pain in abdomen, swelling in the lower body and much more.

exercise can cause constipation

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What causes constipation?

Not taking enough fibre and less physical activity, not drinking appropriate amount of water and delaying your trips to the bathroom even when you have the urge are major causes of constipation.

Why exercise causes constipation?

While exercising the natural mechanism of the body is to cool it off and for this it starts perspiring.  Perspiration causes loss of fluid from body and it demands water. To counter this loss, the intestines go in a hyper-drive and start absorbing water from the waste product. For this reason some people experience constipation. Often times when there is a dramatic change in lifestyle like exercise routine, then the body needs extra water. If this requirement is not met then the body begins an internal mechanism to cope with the water loss.

What should be done?

Following are some of the tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Drink ample water before workout.
  • Keep sipping some water during workout regime and drink ample water post-workout.
  • Avoid taking caffeinated drinks and sugary drinks.
  • Include 12-15 grams fibre in your daily diet at least.
  • Increase intake of fruits.

Above mentioned factors are essential to consider as it is not exercise alone that is the cause of constipation. Numerous other factors come into play. Taking care of your diet is important as it helps in balancing your bodily requirements. Consuming enough fibre is the biggest change that you should adapt to especially when you are on to a dedicated exercise regime.

Things to consider

Suffering from constipation from a long time is a severe case and it requires medical intervention. Constipation on regular basis or chronic problem can be a serious health issue. Another thing to remember is that just because you feel exercise is causing constipation, this is not a valid reason to quit exercising, unless your doctor is recommending otherwise. Change your diet to fit your lifestyle.