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Bleach Pregnancy Test-Homemade Pregnancy Test-Am I Pregnant

Bleach Pregnancy Test-Homemade Pregnancy Test-Am I Pregnant

Hi All,

Today we are sharing a useful Homemade Trick to test whether you are pregnant or not. But before moving forward I know you want to ask a question:

Why Homemade Pregnancy Test?

Why to go for homemade pregnancy test  when we have lots of easy to use ‘Pregnancy Test Strips’ available in the market.

Well there could be scenarios where you want to perform pregnancy test very often or very early in these case homemade pregnancy tests saves your money and give you an initial indication about your pregnancy too.

Homemade Pregnancy Test – Bleach Pregnancy Test

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What you need to do Bleach Pregnancy Test?

Bleach Powder or Liquid Chlorine Bleach, First urine Sample (Early morning First urine) couple of disposable glass, some sticks or disposable spoons to mix it.

Steps to perform Bleach Pregnancy Test

  • Collect your first urine sample in disposable glass.
  • Add some Bleach Powder or Liquid Chlorine into your urine sample.
  • Mix it thoroughly and wait for a while.

Result of Homemade Bleach Pregnancy Test

If you get a foamy film on the surface or the bleach and urine mixture or you see some fizzy bubble, it means you are pregnant.

If nothing happens to the bleach and urine mixture, you are not pregnant.

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How to get best result from Homemade Bleach Pregnancy Test

  • Use your first fresh urine sample to perform this test. First urine sample means your first urine of the day (early morning urine sample) as it contains high level of HCG that helps to detect pregnancy symptoms accurately.
  • Based on different sources it has been observed that mixture can show result somewhere between 2 minutes to an hour so you should keep watching the reaction of mixture for at least one hour.


  • Don’t put Bleach or Liquid Chlorine first into disposable glass and then try to pee directly into glass. If you do so then chances are that you get some bleach on your skin, particularly the very sensitive skin of your vulva that can harm it.
  • Bleach produce some harmful gasses when mixed with urine that can be harmful for you and your potential baby if inhales. So perform this test in an open area and keep your nose/head away from mixture. It will be good if someone else perform this test for you.

Is Homemade Bleach Urine Pregnancy Test result is 100% accurate?

It’s been clearly observed that whether you use a homemade pregnancy test method or a store brought pregnancy test strip, both have error of margin. So homemade bleach pregnancy test is not an exception to this and it has also reason to produce inaccurate or false result.

  • There is no clear cut guideline about the quantity of Urine and Bleach powder to be used to perform this test.
  • It is a bit difficult to interpret the result (fizz, bubble or foamy film) but after trying 2-3 times you can interpret it easily.
  • There is no set timeline after which you can get result (Fizz, bubble or foamy film).

Looking forward to know your experiences about Bleach pregnancy Test

If you have tried ‘Bleach Pregnancy Test’ at home then share your experience with us as it will help to others to perform this test more accurately.

About The Author

Devya Agarwal

Myself Devya ( me at ), I have started this blog to share my motherhood experience with you all. For any query or suggestion contact me by using Reach Us page.


  1. shanaya

    i had a doubt that im pregnant so today morning i did home made bleach test so whn i added urine in bleaching powder after tht fast it began foaming , bubbles n it ws like soda in glass. so am i pregnant?

    • pankaj

      yes dear u are pregnant,but u can try other methods also like prega news to sure your pregnancy

      • Kimberly

        Not she’s not I’m already 3 months and I tried it just to see if it works and mine fizzled a little and nothing happened

        • makayla thompson

          Hi! I did the bleach pregnancy test because I’ve been thinking Im pregnant and I’ve been having all or most of the symptoms. It ammediatly fizzed and then later on it had bubbles. I used morning urine.

        • KArina

          Hi kimberly , i have recently taken the test myself . Nothing really happened . About 1 min after i mixed the two it just bubbled like a soda . I have taken these test in the past and it always immediately foamed like a beer after i poured the bleach. Just a different reaction this time . I do plan to buy a test . Pls give me your opinion !

      • Cynthia

        Mine just made a fizzing nice doe that mean I’m pregnate

    • HuntEr

      I did the test and it took a minute to foam. I watched it for 10 minutes and there was a big layer of foam still sitting there. Am I pregnant?

  2. debby

    So I’ve been thinking if I am pregnant and so I tried the bleach pregnancy test and instantly it began to foam and etc. It was clear it was positive but is it really accurate that I’m pregnant??? I need answers

  3. Nicole

    i couldn’t get a positive result on dollar store tests and I’m a week away from missing my second period so I did this bleach urine test and it almost fizzed over the cup, am I pregnant?

    • Sarah

      Mine did overflow over the top of the cup and it was an immediate reaction but still idk

      • Crisy

        Mine did fizzle over the top and turned clear like sprite which and I’ve done it several times all positive results but I’m not able to be picked up on a store bought test…I’ve always been like that though…I’ve missed my period for two months now and have every sign of being pregnant, including light period type pains which I found out is my uterus growing since I’ve missed my period for a second month….I’ve been to some clinics to get a blood pregnancy text/ultrasound done but they either do urine only or I don’t have the money….ughhhh…if I’m pregnant, I’ll be due April/May….Keep your fingers crossed that I am pregnant and that I have a healthy pregnancy!!!

  4. alexis

    I tried that today but it didn’t foam it just fizz like soda I was too early to do a pregnancy test so I was to try this home remedy…..

  5. Toni

    Well I used my morning unwind and pour cap full of bleach. The first sign I got was little foam and a lot fizzling bubbles. The foam still there also the fizz I am 7days away from my period if it’s right I am pregnant .i will take another pregnancy test next week to confern

  6. Jayjay

    I just did this bleach pregnancy test, now I put bleach in a container, went outside, peed in it and it fizzled, there was foam but it went back down then there were continuous amount on bubbles. Then I threw it out. I’m going to do another on with my first morning pee to see what happens but are there any thoughts on what weather I’m pregnant or not?
    Jayjay recently posted…Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes in Kids-A Guide For ParentsMy Profile

  7. Tiana

    I did the bleach and the urine pregnancy test. It has fizzed up then flattened but still have a little bubbles and still bubbling. What does that mean??
    Need answers my nipps are always tender like I need to nurse on and off

  8. ashlee

    I took my first urine of the day and poured it on top of a crushed chlorine tablet, it began to fizz at the top and leaves a medium to thin layer of foamy film….I did this because my hormones are crazy and I took four pregnancy tests, three said negative but one had a very light second line for positive. I have had the sore breasts, the tighten feeling around my abdomen, the consistent urination, the gas, the lower back pain, bad cramps, and hip pain. My fiancé and my aunt, who I live with, are the ones who pointed out my changes especially in my mood, and my fiancé keeps having dreams of me pregnant, my aunt is German, and the other day I kept hearing a baby crying. We are no where near any babies or have any in the house, the TV wasn’t on, she said that that is a sign, they believe if you hear a baby crying or dream of a baby then its likely you are pregnant. So, in the end I don’t know, I have an appointment and we will see!! Fingers crossed!! Almost thirty and we are TTC for a while now.

    • Emily

      If you don’t mind me asking… how did this turn out for you??

  9. Hazel

    my period was supposed to start yesterday and even today nothing . I did the urine and bleach test and it immediately foamed up and went all frothy . I’ve done this test 3 times during a cause of 3 months it never foamed or I don’t know now could I be pregnant. ?

    • Kimberly

      Yes your pregnant I’m already 3 months have ultra sounds and all I just did it to see if it worked mine did the same thing

      • Kadijah

        But did u do a home test also and it was negative because thats what happened to me

      • Jess

        Hi, i just did this test and it completely went over the cum with fizz, foam, etc. Am i pregnant?

  10. Shannon Gardner

    I last conceived 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I was really ill during the first week and still have symptoms to this day, I took a pregnancy test 1 week ago and it came back negative. Again I have had nausea only once, extreme fatigue, back pains, headaches, implantation bleeding, bloated stomach, cramps, lower abdomen pain, on and off appetite, cravings (not extreme), mood swings and feeling overly emotional and I still am sure that I am pregnant, when I conceived I was on antibiotics and that stops your pill from working and after that week I came off my pill and still no sign of my period! I tried this method like 5 minutes ago and it foamed up at the top but not much and didn’t go down at all, does that mean I am pregnant?

  11. Patience

    i have all d pregnancy signs 4 more dan 2 weeks before my period excess saliva metallic taste & d rest den my period storms in 2 days earlier & lasted 4 only 2 days & d signs are freshly back again i did urine bleach test but it only fizzle a little & now wt frequent urine. pls help anyone.

    • Kimberly Woodfin

      That’s what I had I am 16 days late and have been having that taste I took this test and it fizzled then bubbled up and stayed that way then I took a home pt and both lines were faded

  12. Ginger

    I did the bleach and sugar pregnancy test and they all say I’m pregnant and I have ever sign but I toke a over the counter test and it gave me a negative so could I be pregnant because i know my mom couldn’t take pregnancy test Bc it was always negative so could I be pregnant plz some one help me find out

  13. Esther

    I’m in my second month without seeing my periods n I tried the bleach and urine but it had very few bubbles I tried again and no foam just bubbles what does that mean?

  14. Tay

    If it foamed all the way up to the top of the glass am I pregnant?

  15. Tay

    Hi I’m already over three weeks later with my period. When I took this test it foamed up to the top. I was worried it might over flow so I dumped it down the toilet. The glass continued to fizz at me even after it was empty. Does this mean I could be pregnant?

  16. honeybabes

    I had done a bleach preg test last night it only frzz a little
    And made some bubble i did a preg test on the 8 th jan in and it came out with a faint line i jus need some help am wondering if am pregant or not

  17. Tina Miller

    The sugar test said I wasn’t pregnant but this one fizzed. which do I go off of. Please help

  18. Adunola Ademuwagun

    Hi, i also did the bleach pregnancy test and all it did was fizzle like soda with bubbles but there was no foam…..what does that mean please?

  19. Maria Mckee

    Hi I did the bleach test twice this morning and both times it fizzled then I took a store bought test and it came back negative. So is the bleach test more sensitive or am I not pregnant?

  20. Jyoti

    Hi member Please suggested me Today morning we try to check im pregnant or not but im in conf…… We are mix Bleach or Urin we got small normal bubbles and fizzed but nor more than 15 second so let me know im Pregnant or not…..HELP ME

  21. Lexi Read

    I tried it and it did foam to the top it even overflowed what does this mean

  22. Lecsie

    For 3 going in 4 weeks I’ve been having symptoms such as dizziness tiredness hungry all the time headaches both ovaries are swollen and six days after ovulating I started having these symptoms 6 days after every morning for the past 2 and a half weeks I’ve been waking up severely I did the bleach test the first week I started feeling weird and nothing happened well last week I did the test again and it foamed and overflowed the cup I did this 3 to 6 times a day and same result however the foam went down and the urine turned clear does that mean I’m pregnant I’m still 7 days from my period.

  23. Cecelia Williams

    I took a bleach test it came to the top and it change the color of the urine

  24. Keturah Clay

    I tried it this morning and it sounded like soda in a cup it automatically went to fizzing and bubbly am I pregnant

    • Brittany

      I did mine this morning it had a white film over the top and then just went around the edges and it fizzed and I could hear the popping of the bubbles it looked and sounded like sprite. I really wish someone would tell me if that’s a positive or not, it’s driving me crazy too.

      • Jamira

        My result were very similar to yours, I also need answers

      • Shelly Thakur

        Hi were u pregnant.. I hv same result … pls reply

  25. Ari

    I’m 14 and I think I’m pregnant so I tried the bleach thing. It immediately fizzed up and it overflowed. And I have been reading on a lot of websites that it means I am but I’ve also read that some people think its just a myth. I’m supposed to be on my period right now for awhile but I’m not even spotting. I can’t tell my parents because if I do they’ll freak and if I’m not pregnant I dont want them to not trust me anymore. What do I do?

    • Haley hope

      I’m 13 and I did the bleach test and it over flowed and bubbled like it was boiling and I took two pregnancy test and they both had a faint second line so I think they were both positive I don’t know. I haven’t been feeling well at all. And I can’t tell my parents ethier…

    • Mikaela

      Im 13 and im a good girl and stuff but i got caught up in this boy.
      I told him no i didnt want to have sex withme so he kinda just made contact for a while but no penetration. he didnt ejaculate but i have recently found out about pre-ejaculation. my last period was the 26 its now the 19th and i cant take the anxiety. idk this would be the worst thing to happen. And the saddest part was i told the boy it was the last time ill like talk to him and stuff because i wanted to focus on my work and that when he suggested sex i said no butttt we made contact i really didnt mean to do anything unsafe

  26. Tiana

    I’ve tried the bleach test a few days after my
    Period and nothing happened around the sexond I started feeling off I’ve been having all the symptoms short of breath , – Sore breast – Fatigue- Nausea – Frequent urination – Headaches- Backache – Cramping – Craving foods- Bloating and constipation – Mood swings- Super smell- Dizzy and fainting – Spotting- Late period so i did the bleach pregnancy test again and this time it foamed and bubbled and it rised to the top and went everywhere… I did 2 pregnancy test and it always has a light faded line over the dark line … What does this all mean.??

    • Kimberly Woodfin

      My negative line was darker than the positive one the positive was very faded but I could still see it

  27. Fritza st fort

    I did the bleach test this morning it fizz then foam a little bit does that mean I’m pregnant I was suppose to get my period on the 15 it never came please help me am I pregnant or not

  28. God's Child

    From experience ladies every time I did this and it fizzed/foamed I was pregnant… lately I haven’t been myself and decided to do this and it foamed up then went down to about a half inch above the fluid and stayed there… I’ll find out soon if I am or not and will post the answer…. be careful of the fumes….

    To the 13 and 14 year Olds please protect yourself young ladies. Stay with your education and wait to be with a guy…

    • Christina

      I did the rest this morning and it instantly foamed over the cup. Then it went down an fizzed now it’s a lot of Lil bubbles in it. Do that mean my test is positive

  29. Lechelle

    I took the bleach pregnancy test and it foam alway up to the top and didn’t go down so that mean it positive but when took two dollar tree pregnancy test it send I wasn’t pregnant so what should I do Are I Pregnant or not

    • Leighann

      I did it to but don’t know what to think.. it fizzed like sprite for a long time

  30. Leighann

    I did the bleach test and it fizzed but didn’t foam to the top? No period since july 10th

  31. Leighann

    I did the bleach test and it fizzed but didn’t foam to the top? No period since july 10th

  32. Sj

    I’ve done this test every day for about a week, sometimes twice a day had nearly all positives, got 3 negatives but they was with later pee. AF due tomorrow and did a shop bought test today that was neg? Had pretty much every pregnancy symptom on and off for past couple weeks so will see what happens.

  33. Kimberly Woodfin

    I done this and it stayed fuzzed up and bubbled up for a while I took a pt test and the positive line was really faded I am 16 days late maybe a little more. My last period was July 17 2016 does this mean I’m prego

  34. hannah

    Been ttc. Last period was Aug. 15th maybe the 16th.
    On September 4th and 5th I had strange spotting which threw me off and made me wonder about the what ifs. So I decided to try this bleach and urine thing.

    I did three today.

    One first this with morning pee. I wasn’t really expecting a reaction.
    Bam. Fizz and foam and I got so scared I dumped the first one down the drain.
    So I tried again. Still with morning pee, I didnt use all of it the first time.
    Same reaction.
    So then I figured I should probably read more into this.
    Tried again a few hours later with non morning pee. But the same exact thing happened. Fizz and foam, I even noticed it changed to clear instead of the urine color.
    I mainly tried this because I have been having headaches everyday, fatigue, and my back was hurting. Granted I stand for almost 10 hours a day but more than usual. I even noticed my gums bleeding while brushing my teeth. I’m not due with AF for at least another 10 days. So I’m gonna hold off on testing from the store. But any thoughts and comments would be awesome!

  35. Michelle

    I feel like I may have used too much bleach or too much urine because when I did this it overflowed in the bowl like immediately. Or maybe not a large enough bowl. Opinions?

  36. Anthony

    So me and my girlfriend had sex about a month ago , and she had her period , and she been throwing up , so we took the bleach test and it fizzled t the top and went down , and we took it again , and nothing happened, and we took it another 3 more times , and nothing happened, I’m a guy so idk what’s going on someone help

  37. nateswife16

    I have done the bleach test 4 times an all 4 times it came back positive . I also had a family member who can not have kid because she has her tubes tied pee in a cup and add bleach . her results is it fomed up but emidiately went right back down. Ok so I just did the test an it fomed up and I left my bathroom for a good 3 min and the fome was still there!!!!

    Am I pregnant??
    I hope so my husband and I have Ben trying for the past 2 years an nothing
    Mining you he’s as 3 boys from a past relation ship and I have 2 girls from a past!! We would love to have one of our own

    nateswife16 recently posted…Swelling in Lower Legs After Travel or Long WalkMy Profile

  38. Emma

    I done this at nite it foamed straight away does that mean I’m pregnant because I didn’t do it in the morning time

  39. Schm1944

    I tried this on myself and it fizzed like crazy. Just out of curiosity I used my husbands pee and it did the same thing. So I’m calling shenanigans on the bleach test.

  40. Griselda

    I did one this morning and I didn’t form the only thing it did was bubbles so am I pregnant I’m confused

  41. Lisa

    So I do the bleach test this morning for the second time I haven’t had a missed period but me and my hubby are have unprotected sex last night ..the bleach test foam up on both test so I’m pregnant ?

  42. Cassidy

    So I did this test because I stopped my period last month and started spotting for a couple days real light then it stopped so this morning I pee into a cup and poored in the bleach. I can’t say nothing happened but it didn’t fizz all the way to the top like I have been seeing. It bubbled around the pee and then had little fizz of white on top of the pee. It didn’t go up it just did that. Am I pregnant?

  43. Holly

    I tried this because it was to early for me take a home bought test!! It overflowed my cup almost with bubbles! So keeping my fingers crossed I’m pregnant i have been trying for two years!

  44. shanekia

    A month ago I did the bleach test and nothing happened this morning I did kit again and it foamed up and bubbled and went over the cup does that mean im pregnant? ?

  45. Trina

    I did the bleach test foamed over cup foam mostly went away but bubbling like I pregnant

  46. Nikki

    I tried the bleach pregnancy test this morning and it overflows the cup. Then it just stayed foaming and bubbling but didn’t go over the cup no more. I’m going to buy a pregnancy test today to see what it says.

  47. Andrea

    So I did the bleach test and it didn’t foam it just kept bubbling. Is that a positive or a negative result.

  48. Jessenia L Benitez

    I just did it
    Its still foamed
    Its been foam for 5 min now
    Its that positive??

  49. Beth

    I just did this and fizzed like crazy and started foaming like crazy lasted 10 seconds and then the whole thing disappeared and left a rim of foam am I pregnant?

  50. Aly

    I just took the bleach test and it fizzed and foamed up then shot out of the cup like a bottle of soda would do when you open it after shaking. Does this actually mean I’m pregnant or could it be false?



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