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Today we are sharing a useful Homemade Trick to test whether you are pregnant or not. But before moving forward I know you want to ask a question:

Why Homemade Pregnancy Test?

Why to go for homemade pregnancy test  when we have lots of easy to use ‘Pregnancy Test Strips’ available in the market.

Well there could be scenarios where you want to perform pregnancy test very often or very early in these case homemade pregnancy tests saves your money and give you an initial indication about your pregnancy too.

Homemade Pregnancy Test – Bleach Pregnancy Test

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What you need to do Bleach Pregnancy Test?

Bleach Powder or Liquid Chlorine Bleach, First urine Sample (Early morning First urine) couple of disposable glass, some sticks or disposable spoons to mix it.

Steps to perform Bleach Pregnancy Test

  • Collect your first urine sample in disposable glass.
  • Add some Bleach Powder or Liquid Chlorine into your urine sample.
  • Mix it thoroughly and wait for a while.

Result of Homemade Bleach Pregnancy Test

If you get a foamy film on the surface or the bleach and urine mixture or you see some fizzy bubble, it means you are pregnant.

If nothing happens to the bleach and urine mixture, you are not pregnant.

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How to get best result from Homemade Bleach Pregnancy Test

  • Use your first fresh urine sample to perform this test. First urine sample means your first urine of the day (early morning urine sample) as it contains high level of HCG that helps to detect pregnancy symptoms accurately.
  • Based on different sources it has been observed that mixture can show result somewhere between 2 minutes to an hour so you should keep watching the reaction of mixture for at least one hour.


  • Don’t put Bleach or Liquid Chlorine first into disposable glass and then try to pee directly into glass. If you do so then chances are that you get some bleach on your skin, particularly the very sensitive skin of your vulva that can harm it.
  • Bleach produce some harmful gasses when mixed with urine that can be harmful for you and your potential baby if inhales. So perform this test in an open area and keep your nose/head away from mixture. It will be good if someone else perform this test for you.

Is Homemade Bleach Urine Pregnancy Test result is 100% accurate?

It’s been clearly observed that whether you use a homemade pregnancy test method or a store brought pregnancy test strip, both have error of margin. So homemade bleach pregnancy test is not an exception to this and it has also reason to produce inaccurate or false result.

  • There is no clear cut guideline about the quantity of Urine and Bleach powder to be used to perform this test.
  • It is a bit difficult to interpret the result (fizz, bubble or foamy film) but after trying 2-3 times you can interpret it easily.
  • There is no set timeline after which you can get result (Fizz, bubble or foamy film).

Looking forward to know your experiences about Bleach pregnancy Test

If you have tried ‘Bleach Pregnancy Test’ at home then share your experience with us as it will help to others to perform this test more accurately.