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Bleach Pregnancy Test -Accurate Liquid Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach Pregnancy Test -Accurate Liquid Bleach Pregnancy Test

When it comes to Homemade Pregnancy Test then the most popular test is ‘Bleach Pregnancy Test’. We have written a detailed article about the Bleach Pregnancy Test. We are getting at least 10 – 15 queries related to ‘Bleach Pregnancy Test’ and it is eating our time to reply all those individual emails; so we thought that we should cover all queries and doubts related to ‘Bleach Pregnancy Test’ in one article so that our reader need not to wait for reply to their queries.

What is a Bleach Pregnancy Test?

We have covered step by step guide to perform Bleach Pregnancy test. Click on below link

Bleach Pregnancy Test

What is Bleach and Urine Pregnancy Test?

‘Bleach & Urine Pregnancy Test’ is the same thing that we have explained as ‘Bleach Pregnancy Test’. We use Bleach and urine both to perform this pregnancy test.

Steps to perform Bleach Pregnancy Test

  • Collect your first urine sample in disposable glass.
  • Put some Bleach Powder or Liquid Chlorine into a disposable glass.
  • Put your urine sample into Bleach Powder (or Liquid Chlorine) glass.
  • Mix it thoroughly and wait for a while.

If you get a foamy film on the surface or the bleach and urine mixture or you see some fizzy bubble, it means you are pregnant.

If nothing happens to the bleach and urine mixture, you are not pregnant.

Homemade Bleach Pregnancy Test Result Image

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Positive Result Fizzy Bubble

After Mixing Urine into Bleach it is giving Fizzy bubble what it means?

If you get a fizzy bubble after mixing your urine sample with bleach powder (or liquid bleach) then it indicates that you are pregnant.

Nothing happening after mixing Urine and Bleach what is means?

If nothing happens to the bleach and urine mixture, probability are high that you are not pregnant but sometime you won’t see any bubble because of various reason (e.g. doing pregnancy test too early). So you must visit your doctor to confirm your pregnancy status.

How to interpret Bleach Pregnancy Test result?

Bleach Pregnancy Test  Positive Result – If you get a foamy film on the surface or the bleach and urine mixture or you see some fizzy bubble, it means you are pregnant.

Bleach Pregnancy Test Negative Result – If nothing happens to the bleach and urine mixture, you are not pregnant.

Is the bleach pregnancy test accurate?

How accurate is Bleach Pregnancy test?

Frankly speaking no pregnancy test is 100% accurate not even medically approved professional pregnancy test kit.

Accuracy of Bleach pregnancy test depends upon various factor e.g.

hCG level – If you perform pregnancy test too early (before missing periods or first day of your missed period) then chances are high that your urine sample doesn’t have enough hCG hormone that can be detected by bleach & urine chemical reaction. All pregnancy tests that use urine to check pregnancy status actually react with hCG hormone available in your urine. This hormone produce by body when you are pregnant and it increases as the pregnancy progresses.

Can frequent urination affect Bleach Pregnancy test result?

Yes, frequent urination can give you false negative result. Actually all urine base pregnancy test detects the hCG (pregnancy hormone) in your urine. Frequent urination can dilute your urine and hCG level can be low in your urine sample that can give you false negative result. It is good if you hold your urine for 2-4 hours and then use urine for pregnancy test.

Should we use early morning first urine sample for bleach pregnancy test?

Yes, early morning first urine sample have high level of hCG (pregnancy hormone) that help to produce accurate pregnancy result.

Can we use Liquid Bleach for Homemade Bleach Pregnancy Test?

Yes, you can use liquid bleach also for bleach pregnancy test.

Liquid Bleach or Bleach Powder what should we use for Bleach Pregnancy Test?

You can use either liquid bleach or bleach powder for bleach pregnancy test.

Can we do bleach pregnancy test before missed period?

Yes, you can do bleach pregnancy test before missing your periods but result will not be accurate as your body have very low level of hCG (pregnancy hormone) by that time.

Can Coffee or Alcohol affect Bleach pregnancy Test Result?

Usually coffee or soda or alcohol not affects your pregnancy test result but caffeine or alcohol of any liquid intake can increase your urination frequency and that can dilute your urine (low level of hCG – pregnancy hormone).  Diluted urine (low hCG concentration) can give you false negative result.

What is false negative pregnancy test result?

Suppose you are pregnant but due to some reason pregnancy test result showing that you are not pregnant – this type of pregnancy test result is known as ‘False Negative Pregnancy Test Result’. Whenever you get negative pregnancy result and you missed your periods then you must consult your doctor to know the exact status of your pregnancy.

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Myself Devya ( me at ), I have started this blog to share my motherhood experience with you all. For any query or suggestion contact me by using Reach Us page.


  1. katie

    I did this bleech test it came back positive but normal preg test was negitive help

    • Kimberly Wirtz

      Mines was the same way I’m in the same boat as u dear

      • Morita Briden

        Mine too! I freaked out.
        So which result is accurate?

        • Rebecca

          Trust the professional test rather than the bleach test. If you’re still unsure, take the professional one again. Also, make sure you took the bleach test in the morning so it doesn’t mess with your real results.

    • Destiny

      That means that you still are pregnant it’s just that your hcg levels may be too low for the pregnancy test to pick up. It happened to me but I’m pregnant.

    • Monica

      Mine was the same way so I went to my doctor and they got a negative as well. But I’m still having pregnancy symptoms and haven’t had my persons yet….

    • Kelly

      Yep me to all week got foam, bubbles looks like a beer done a pregnancy test was negative got all the pregnancy symptoms not sure no more

    • Alicia

      I took the test and it foamed, but when my boyfriend took it right after me it foamed for him also so NO this isn’t accurate.

    • Caroline

      Hi Katie, just want to know if you were actually pregnant.

    • crystal

      Hi I did this the first time it just bubble and cup got hot no fizz at all , Well months later I did it foam produced in just a top ful of bleach but negative hpt could I still be pregnant?

    • Bree

      I had a feeling I was pregnant. And I did this test and said it was positive. But used a cheap store bought one and it said negative. Could it be too early for a store bought pregnancy test to pick it up?

      • Sk8terbeach88

        I did both home remedies this time so happy that i know this now. But lol i was waiting 4 the iphone to detect pregnancy…ha but um this bleach n toothpaste tests came back positive. I hope there right imma do the sugar one next and redo bleach even though i did that one twice. Both fizzzed. Foamed and did turn lighter but i thought that was bc color of chlorox/beach

  2. arianna

    Last week I was scared out of my mind that I had gotten pregnant and most of that was driven by the fact that this test had apparently given me a false positive. The accuracy of this isn’t reliable so for anyone wanting to try this, wait until you can get a REAL test to avoid any misconceptions, whether negative or positive.

  3. Shiryee

    Hi Katie I’m experiencing the sane situation as you did. May I know the final results whether you’re pregnant?

  4. Erica

    I have taken 5 pregnancy test which would come out with fainted line then I had blood work done which came out positive then today a little while ago I did the urine and Clorox thing and it fizzled up etc sooo anything is possible I find it pretty cool how that works out
    Good luck ladys

    • ashlynn

      I also did the bleach test today and mine lookes like coke fizzing but when I did a home test over the counter last two weeks ago it was negative I need advice please

  5. Rosalia

    Hello am on birth control the Implanon and my period have never been normal and I did the bleach test but it fizzled and bubble up a bit and I last has unprotected sex a week so Idk what I should about the result of the test so if u could please respond back that’s u

    • Chynna

      I have the implanon also and my period comes every other month. I have not had a period since September. I took home test negative about two weeks ago. I did the bleach test 3 Times in the past 2 days one at night fizzed like pop no gas used my early morning pee fizzed frothy spilled over toxic gas. I know I have to be prego.I feel kinda how I did with my 1 year old. I have an appointment on the 29th I will post back to let you know.

  6. ashley

    I did the bleach test on myself (period eill come in a week or so), my mom who is on her period, my 4 year old, and my moms boyfriend… The only one that foamed was mine. Then I went and got a pregnancy test and it said negative.

  7. Gaby

    Hi so a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend fingered me, he had boxers on and I had underwear and he did release sperm, but he never actaully when in me. But when I took the bleech test it came out positive I think, it was foamy…I’m freaking out! Am I pregnant??

    • Alley

      Gaby , you can not get pregnant from fingering . If he did not actually come inside of you then there is no way you could be pregnant. There are videos on YouTube of the right way to do the bleach pregnancy test though

      • Eve

        He doesn’t have to ejaculate for her to get pregnant but it lessens the chance

        • Heather

          Are you serious right now? What are you 8 years old? A woman cannot get pregnant unless she has sperm meet her egg. He has to ejaculate in her vagina, while she is fertile

          • shandi

            This is untrue. If he had sperm on his hand and fingered her she could become pregnant. Doesn’t be rude if you don’t know the facts.

    • Jenny

      If he fingered you and there was semen on his fingers and you are in your fertile window there is a chance you could be pregnant.

  8. Katie

    Gaby…. I am in your exact position right now. And I’m about to go buy a drug store one…. I’m terrified!

  9. Beth

    I tried this and there was a tiny bit of foam on the top, does anyone know what this means?

  10. Reshana fox

    I tired the test with bleach, when the bleach was thrown into the container with urine, is frizzle n that it

  11. Julie phillips

    Hi I have also tried the bleach pregnancy test a few times in the last 14 weeks and it comes up positive every time and paid for shop test which was negative plus scan showed no pregnancy but feel pregnant plus all blood works say not pregnant so confused right now as my body is telling me I’m pregnant as this would be my fourth

  12. Kristine Davis

    I plan on taking a the bleach test today at home, I do too feel pregnant. It’s so nerve wrecking because I took 3 tests but all came back negative. Im almost to sure I’m pregnant though. Wish me luck😊

    • Dani

      I had the same thing but I really feel like I am pregnant…

      And I have tried the bleach test about a year ago and it was negative..and I was not pregnant. So I really think I am now.

  13. anonymous

    I have taken the bleach test and it froths up. I’m going to give it a couple of weeks and buy a pregnancy test from a chemist. I did an experiment with bleach and water and it did nothing… is the bleach test accurate for women who are pregnant?

  14. Nia

    I have had this feeling that in pregnant. I’ve taken cheap test and they’ve been negative. On the bleach test I did 50/50 on urine and bleach. It didn’t foam but there were bubbles in the cup. Then I added more urine and it looked like as if like a boiling pot of water. Should I get a hold of my OBGYN?

  15. leanne

    Hello everyone I had a + result with the bleach test but the store bought pregnancy test was negative what does this mean

  16. Eli

    Hi I’ve been currently taking birth control pills but sometimes I forget so I take two at a time but this morning I woke up nauseous and threw up I did the bleach test and it fizzed a lot but a drug store pregnancy test came out negative… Can it be birth control pills that gave me a positive read on the bleach

  17. Ariel

    I did this bleach test 3 days in a row. 1st day it foamed up
    2nd day just looked like soda with the fizzing nothing really happened
    3rd day it foamed up again
    Im really confused but will be taking another pregnancy test soon. Any thoughts on this?

  18. Jae

    Hey guys…I took the test. It fizzled up for sure, the mixture turned clear like Sprite or 7-Up. I tried on my husband’s urine, it fizzled but remained yellow. I again tried it on my urine and it came u p fizzy and transparent again. I am two days late, but I’m afraid to buy a pregnancy test for fear of it coming up negative and killing my hopes…I know I probably sound ridiculous, bear with me.

    • JuKia

      Did you ever find out if you were after your results of the bleach test ?

      • Janelle Grant

        OH YES! I am definitely prego! In fact, I am 18 weeks along! I’m trusting God for a safe pregnancy and delivery.

  19. Bonnie

    Would love to know if this is true. I am hesitant to believe it because your gonna see it fizz or foam because it causes a chemical reaction. Could be just coincidence..

  20. Skyla

    I just took the bleach pregnancy test and says I’m positive. But from what you ladys have said it could be negative? This week I’ll be going to buy a test at the drug store wish me luck! !

  21. Storm

    I read that if it fizzles and looks like the inside of a sprite then you are indeed pregnant

  22. Cynthia

    I just took a bleach test and came out possitive .. I took 2 drug store ones and came out negative my period shou come tomorrow is it still early.? .. Is it possible that the bleach senses it earlier.?

    • Bri Jayson

      I’m going thru something similar.. I had my period for a full day then the next day had sex after that I started spotting. I then started feeling sick and had a pressure when I urinated. I thought that as a uti. I did the bleach test and every time it bubbled, fizzed and ran over the cup. I took 3 test but they came back negative. I think I took them too early. I had sex on the 3rd and it’s now the 9th. I don’t know when to take a test . What were your results?

    • Sam

      Mine did the same thing a week ago it really foamed and then a day or two later it lessened a little bit I’m due for my period on the 27 I had sex on my fertile day wasn’t trying either omg when I did a few different tests from the drug stores they had faint lines and negs am I prego wish me luck

  23. Nevaeh

    I haven’t had my period in 2 months . I feel pregnant but I haven’t can sex for a month I had spotting and everything but the hpt test are all negative I’ve never got one positive but the bleach test I took was positive it took like 5 seconds and then it foamed up not really a lot but medium height . has anyone gone through this and was actually pregnant?

    • Aimee

      Dunno if I’m pregnant but I’m in the same boat. I feel pregnant but haven’t had sex in a bit… but the bleach test was positive. Undure whether or not to test it further…

  24. Amanda

    I tried it. Last night it looked like soda. This morning it looks like foamy head on tap beer. Two different reactions here. I think it’s just for fun.

  25. shally

    same i did bleach test it was frothy like anything but negitive preg test i dont know which one is accurate , me and my husband desperately need a baby dont know which test to trust.i am 3 days of missed period .. hope for positive news i wil check after a week or two ..

  26. Dino belle

    Lol… I truly don’t think this work maybe for some… My suggestion is get a real test done. I tried it myself… Also my sons both of our urines foam and fizzle and he sure not pregnant and neither I. I had a tubal ligation 20 yrs ago. I was curious and wanted to see what it does, well it did the same way it did to those who are pregnant. Good luck!

  27. Ja'Qunia

    I did the bleach pregnancy test and it was positive what should i do.

  28. Kae

    Hello, this morning i did the bleach test and it came out all foamy, i have spotted and currently have the same symtoms i would get before my AF but my AF never came, its 8 days late my breasts are tender and swollen and my cramps are mild and come and go every 20-30 min to a hour… any help?

  29. shanixee

    the most accurate way to know for sure is to get a real home pregnancy test, if it is false and you still think you’re pregnant then take another one after about 3-4 days and be sure to make sure you follow the instuctions on the packaging.

  30. Maggie

    I can say the test is busted. It’s isn’t accurate. I got a positive on the bleach and urine. I have had blood work done saying negative I have a store bought test saying negative. Also I had a tubal ligation done 2 years ago. I was having symptoms of pregancy I was even producing milk but doesn’t always mean your pregnant. If you have symptoms go see the doctor if all results came back negative. Not trying to be rude but it’s is amazing what are body’s can do as a woman.

    • B

      My daughter took the bleach test got a pos. The 5 hpt negitive then a blood test neg. Went back to doctor 2 weeks later did urine and blood test and guess what I’m going to be a grandma.


    Hey guys i have took the bleach test four times in two days and all was the same it almost waist over the cup but i hace been feeling major lower back pains sleeping alot and very gassy lately what yall think?

  32. Kar

    I did the bleach test this morning and it was positive but I went to the store and bought a pregnancy test and it was negative! Any thoughts??

  33. Fritza st fort

    I took the bleach test it fizz then foam a little bit am I pregnant please help me

  34. Risha

    Took bleach test last month 3 times, it was positive. All hpt negative. I was preg and after doc visits all tests were negative. Turns out I had a miscarriage so I was preg. Good luck ladies 😍

  35. Lashay

    Yesterday morning with my first urine of the day I took a bleach pregnancy test and it foamed up but when I did it a week before it didn’t do nothing. So at first I had a negative result and now I have a positive. I think since I used my morning urine like I was suppose to. But tomorrow I’m going to get a drug store pregnancy test to find out because I have pregnancy symptoms so I want to know.

  36. Mikaela

    Okay anxiety is a bitch
    Im a virgin and want to save it for you know
    But there was this guyyyy right (im young still in school and stuff) the last time i met with him i told him of my plans ( I really just wanted to focus on my work and not have to worry about anything else) so i made it clear to him that its the last time wed hang out you know. So he said well i have to enrter you today I SAID NOOO ( i felt soo bad though but i just couldnt it just wouldnt make any sense)
    Anyhow so he said he wanted to atleast get me you know “horny”
    So he made contact or we ( i knew there was something called pre-ejaculation but i just didnt want to disappoint him anymore it sounds dumb but i promise i just thought like okay after this it will be overrrr)
    But now im faced with anxiety
    So my last period was on the 26 of last month
    We did it on the 6th of this month
    And its now the 19th
    And before people judge and stuff i promise im a good girl i do my work and i never mixed with boys its just im so stupid thats why i planned to stop but
    So i did this it foamed up but went right back down and fizzed a little
    HELP ME please

  37. Narnia

    The Urea in urine should react with sodium hypochlorite in bleach in all urine includindg animal urine. So I highly doubt this test is accurate. Did everyone see fizzing?

  38. Lee

    So I had unprotected sex with my bf about two weeks ago. My boobs have been so tender and I have minor cramps once in a while. Did the bleach test this morning and it was foamy. Does that mean its negative?My period is supposed to be in 2days.

  39. Anonymous

    No pregnancy test is 100% accurate even the ones from a doctor aren’t fully accurate. The one that is accurate is an ultrasound but they very rarely give someone who thinks they are pregnant one without a positive inaccurate pregnancy test.

  40. JinXiaoyu

    i dont know if i am pregnant
    because iys fizzy foam
    but my auntie got pregnant ant i try her pee .. but she got a nothing just like a 7 up or sprite
    buy mine is just like a beer .. i dont know if what is true ..
    please tell me if its possible ? that i am ?

  41. Jen

    I tried this test tonight because I have been trying to conceive. It had quite a bit of foam, which may indicate pregnancy. I was excited. Until I tried it with both of my sons urine also, one did nothing, and the other foamed up more than mine did. I’m going to wait a few days to take a store-bought test.

  42. Jenny

    I have had the “gut feeling/intuition” that I have always gotten starting Sept 12th. I did the bleach test and it was slower to react but it did come back as positive. I’ve had positives ever since with the froth appearing instantaneously and overflowing the cup. My problem is I’m a 33 day cycle and I’m due to start my period in 3 days. I started spotting 2 days ago and the spotting has turned from brownish pink to bright red/brown. Not enough to get on my panties or need a liner but definitely turn the toilet bowl a little pinkish when I use the restroom. Is this implantation or my period starting earlier. I had all the symptoms of early pregnancy ie sensitive tingling breast, nausea randomly throughout the day. That gut intuition was always right in the past 4 babied and 1 CP later. I “just knew” All blood work and store bought test have come back negative but that bleach test is more positive than ever. I’m very anxious/depressed/worried that this is turning into a CP. Anyone else have similar situations happen to them.

  43. Kim wood

    I only had my period for 3 days missed one did the bleach test and came back positive can the period effect the result

    • Sk8terbeach88

      I dunno i don’t think. I believe birth control def. Has an effect

  44. komal

    Hi my periods is 25 days late i did bleech test in first weak after periods date it was positive on that i have many pragnancy sypmtoms but now just periods cramping..i took 6 or 7 7 home pragnancy test but all came negative urine test also came negative now today i took bleech test again it was negative 😑 am so confused whats going on

  45. Amber

    I’ve done the same thing. It blows up like a volcano. Then it has the foam and bubbles. Is this positive? I also had bleeding. But my periods are just now becoming normal. So not sure what to think.

  46. Alicia

    I am 11 days late with my period today so I took the bleach test and it tested positive of beign pregnant, my friends mom told me by looking at someone’s eyes you can also see if they are pregnant or not and she said to me that I look pregnant , and then yesterday morning I took a clearblue pregnancy test wich said “Not pregnant” , am I pregnant or not? Please can anyone tell me ?

  47. Penny

    so i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 29th of October and took Oralcon as emergency contraceptive 35hours after this incident now my periods were suppose to take place on yesterday and nothing happened this morning i did the bleach test it only frizzled like soda. does this mean i am pregnant?

  48. Naomi

    I did the bleach pregnancy test and it fizzed and foamed up super fast but after awhile it turned clear what does that mean can someone help me

  49. Bree

    I took the bleach pregnancy test twice and both times it was positive. But I took a cheap store bought one and it was negative. Was it too early for the store bought one to pick it up?


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