‘Surprise’ is a word that gives goosebumps every time it comes on occasions. In real, surprises need no occasions; they can arrive on birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, proposals, meetings or just even to give a boost to the bad moods. The unexpected gifts have their importance much than the expected ones. It is also said, “Sometimes, the best things happen unexpectedly.”

birthday surprise for Daughter

Giving a surprise is equally exciting like receiving one. For daughters, there are different but, interesting options to create surprise of:-

  1. Small kids have plenty of dreams when they see their birthdays approaching. They expect to receive the best of gifts. Parents can surprise them with a party inviting not only the neighborhood friends but, also her school friends. If you have shifted to a new place, your daughter may have a best friend in the old place, give her a surprise by bringing the old friend on her special day.
  2. If it’s the first day of school, you can help her keep the scare out by giving her a pair of unicorn slippers to wear on the first day, a box of chocolates to make friends, a nice ‘bag tag’, colorful hair accessories will give her the surprise and the satisfaction too.
  3. For older kids, birthdays mean celebration with the world. The party is everywhere to be organized by parents. Personalized bookmarks with your daughter’s name engraved can give be thought about, make sure that you take this as a surprise to her school.
  4. Some children and especially daughters are fond of caps; some are fond of dolls, cartoons, pencil box etc. Sparkle the smile on her face with gifts like a pink cap or the mother-daughter cap while taking her for the outing, doll houses can make a surprise entry in the room for the summer vacations, cushions with cute cartoon characters are getting popular too.
  5. As the children get older their moods change and the choices as well. When daughters exit from the childhood and start with the teenage era, they tend towards understanding the peers with little changes. Parents will also have to come out of surprising with the chocolates and stationery gifts. Try with Mugs with her initials, a makeup bag, a badminton set if she plays and is waiting for the selection day, keep the astonishment on by keeping her room full of empty boxes and then finding the smallest box with silver plated locket for the new teenager, charming teenage diaries will give her the practice to say things on the pages which she can’s in front of parents.
  6. Daughter’s day gives you the chance to show the love with some warm thoughts written on a tile showpiece to stand on her bedside when she comes back from the school. True love and thoughts make that hug to come in your way which was missed since long.
  7. The first day of college is again a new starting, prepare for a lovely thought book with picture from her birth to the farewell from school, this should also include the journey of suggestions for her starting from her toddler time, a hang- in cosmetics bag will be needed at this age, musical globes give very soothing effects when lighted and played with care by parents on your side.
  8. Plan the beautiful candlelight dinner surprise when you see your daughter ready for making a couple. This time is pretty emotional for all parents, but, all you do is for the happiness for your daughter. Gift her jewelry item which she may have cherished but not bought still, think of a family tour surprise to her dream destination before the wedding and of course the unexpected secure investments are the most responsible surprises you can ever choose for her.

Life is an extraordinary journey; the wonderful surprises come from the most unexpected corners.