It is winters already and all that chill at times may dampen the spirit of the birthday celebration, however, if you plan it right then it can become fun. Given here are few exciting and amazing winter birthday ideas for teens that will add fun and excitement. You need not step out in the cold but enjoy it indoors.

Birthday Celebration Ideas for Winter Season for Teens

Credit goes to Flickr

A Twilight Party

Every one is a fan of the Twilight Saga and the vampires, werewolves and complicated love triangles. Why not let your party be Twilight themed with props, mocktails resembling blood, twilight crafts, dress up, fake fangs, red velvet cupcakes, and a vampire-themed photo booth too.

Zombie Tag

Who doesn’t likes to hunt the zombies? Let the party be zombie-themed with zombie tag, include laser tag in it and it becomes more exciting, fake guns, weapons to choose from, planning for survival, dividing into teams one to attack and another to defend. You can even screen Zombieland at the end of the game.

GOT Winter is Coming

Yes, of course, winters are already here and it kind of becomes a bit boring staying indoors, especially if it is a birthday party. However, going by the most popular television series Game of Thrones or GOT things do become interesting. Ask the guests to arrive dressed up as their favorite GOT character. While you decorate your living room and your porch with the icy blue and gray colors by creating DIY paper house sigils snowflakes, use fake horns to adorn your living room, if you have a fireplace good, if not build a fake one, use GOT board game, create a GOT throne and let the winner sit on it, mocktails can be served in chalices, decorate your wall with tiny blue dragons, let there be a house banner on the entrance with the words “winter is coming”, print out a King Joffrey dart board and let everyone have a shot at him and enjoy.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

We all know how fun it is to go on a scavenger hunt; it can even be organized within the house. Build your own game with themes hidden and puzzles given to the guests to find the hidden theme. You will just have to prepare the clues and puzzle in advance. When the guests arrive, divide them into teams and see how fun it is to see them look for the clues. The person who finds it all will get the hidden prize first.

Murder Mystery

A murder mystery is good to get the guests involved and let them have fun too. A fun party game that will let them become detectives, you can get a premade game or get one from the internet. All the guests will become one of the characters from the game, ensure that the guests get the character description and theme along with the party invite so they know how to dress up and play the role. Now when they arrive they will start playing it, asking questions and trying to find out the murderer.

Bali Theme and Mexican Mix

For this, you need to keep the room warm and the invites should mention that the theme is Bali. Floral prints, flower necklaces, flower tiaras for girls, beach chairs for the guests, hot chocolate for the guests on their arrival. All will be fun, the menu can be planned in two ways:

A Buildable Dish: that would let the guests make their own dishes. Like sandwiches with different fillings that will help the guests choose what they like and leave out the one that they are allergic to. For example, nachos will make a great party dish.  Topping bowls can be served to the guests so they can build their own burger out of it.

Other dishes can be Mexican: Salads, Mexican Sandwiches, Salsa Sauce with Rice bowls, Tacos, Fajita is a Tex-Mex, Guacamole, Frijoles refritos (refried beans), Nopalitos and Papas (potatoes). Winter party will be fun with hot Mexican sauce and a mix of amazing Mexican herbs and seasonings.