Banana is a super fruit that contains so many minerals. They are so much rich in energy that only once piece can lift your mood from sad to happy. Banana in Constipation – Good or bad is a debatable topic. Many people think that banana helps them to reduce constipation while other thinks that it causes constipation. Here in this article, I will explain why some people think its good and other bad for constipation.

banana in constipation

Banana in Constipation – Good?

The reason why many people feel that banana cures their constipation is it has many supported elements. Let’s see what are the compounds of banana that works as a remedy for constipation?

Fiber- A fully ripe banana is a rich source of fiber. Consuming fiber works effective in constipation as fiber bulks the stool. A medium-size banana contains around 3.1 grams of fiber which is 10% of your daily fiber intake.

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)- You must be wondering what is this mysterious compound. FOS is kind of prebiotic that is a good source of food for the friendly bacteria in our gut. These friendly bacteria improve digestion and reduce constipation.

Minerals- Bananas are a rich source of Potassium. It is also known as the electrolyte which works to maintains the balance of the fluids in cells. Means it keeps our internal organ hydrated which is important to work effectively. Thus, it helps in digestion and lowers constipation.

Banana in Constipation – Bad?

Now you are aware of the friendly compounds of banana in constipation. Now let’s see what are the compounds that may increase the constipation symptom?

Pectin  Banana is a rich source of Pectin compound. Pectin is used in products like fruit jams to make it little solid as pectin has the binding ability. If you consume too much pectin it toughens the stool that results in constipation. It has been seen that some people are more sensitive to pectin than others. Thus, some people may face constipation after consuming the bananas.

Starch  Bananas contain a big portion of starch that makes it a sweet fruit. The starchy food slows the movement of food in the intestine. If you consume too much sugar or sugary food then food stays longer in your intestine that can cause constipation, or can make the symptom worse.

Mucus  It is believed that bananas are mucus forming food. Mucus is a thick and slippery substance that is generated by some organs like lungs and intestine. It is present in the stool in the small amount that is not visible. When consuming too many bananas the amount of mucus increases significantly that toughens the stool.


We have seen the possible reason one can feel bananas are good in constipation and can also be a reason. What we conclude here is if one consumes bananas in moderate amount then it can help the person in bowel movement. Usually, one or two bananas in a day are effective. It has been seen that some people are much sensitive to the compound that is present in bananas like pectin. If you are much sensitive to these compounds then I would suggest you use banana once or twice in a week. Also, a fully ripe yellow banana is good for constipation. A green banana is high in starch and pectin, so you should avoid eating them. Put them in your bucket until they are perfect yellow with brown speckles. So, we can say having one fully ripe banana can help you in constipation.