Bad breath or Halitosis is what the kids and their parents often complain about when it comes to oral hygiene. Even though it is a common phenomenon but it sure is irksome for the parents to see their kids suffering with this problem. No matter how nasty it is, if you are aware about the causes then you will be able to deal with it. This article will help you understand all about the leading causes and some easy remedies that will help your kid get free of bad breath.

Reasons and Remedies of Bad Breath Or Mouth Odor In Kids

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Throat Trouble

If you find your kid complaining about stuffy nose or sore throat then there is a high possibility of sinus infection. The fluid clogs the nasal passage and the throat where the bacteria multiply. It results in stinky breath that needs to be cured by treating the sinuses. This is a possible sinus infection and with this one needs to consult the doctor.

Foreign Objects

Kids are not aware how if something stuck in their nasal passage might be causing them to have bad breath. Check for the nostrils first if the kid has accidentally inserted small items like a toy, beans, bread crumb or some other food object. If this is the case then immediately consult the doctor to get it removed.


The easiest way to detect it is checking the mouth of your child. Tonsils should be spot free and pink; if it is inflamed then you will see white spots and nasty smell. Bacteria cause swollen tonsils and emit bad smell due to infection.

Dry Mouth

It is not easy for kids to remember to hydrate themselves while at play. Due to lack of fluids kids often complain about dry mouth and not having enough water leads to lack of saliva. This results in multiplication of odour causing bacteria. For this reason you need to take care that your kid stays hydrated and is getting a proper supply of fluids throughout the day.

Bad Oral Hygiene

This is quite obvious that your kid is refraining from brushing their teeth. Bad oral hygiene is when they eat but do not brush, your kids go to bed without brushing or when they are not properly brushing their teeth. This entire results tooth decay, cavity and bad breath that can only be treated by a dentist.

Following are some of the remedies that you can use:

  • Regular brushing for two minutes should be made a habit especially before bedtime. Twice a day would do wonders to better oral health.
  • Using a good mouthwash as recommended by a dentist is good.
  • Daily flossing should be made a habit with the kids and they should be taught how to do it perfectly.
  • Cleaning the posterior or the back of the tongue is necessary for eliminating chances of bad breath.
  • Keep your kids hydrated to avoid dry mouth.
  • Include vegetables and fruits in breakfast. Their diet should be that of low sugar. A bowl of fruit salad and some raw or steamed veggies is a good option.
  • If your kid has braces or other implants then encourage them to clean it properly, this can be taught by a dentist.
  • Regular check up appointments with dentist too should be scheduled to avoid tooth decay or cavities.

If these things are done regularly then most of the troubles related to bad breath can be eliminated. However, if there is a serious trouble then the Paediatrician or dentist will suggest you for more.