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Author: Ritu Sharma

How to Organize a Fun Birthday Party

Organizing a birthday party is often stressful even for a well-organized parent. There are a lot of details that need to be worked out before the big day arrives. Everything needs to be in place right from the theme to the menu and the guest list invites to make the birthday bash a complete success. So, why not get some ideas that will help you organize one effortlessly that too with all the details worked out properly. What Kind of Party? First, you need to decide the basics and understand what and where the party is going to be? Is it going to be an in-house party or an outdoor party? Are you hosting the party yourself or are you hiring someone to do it for you? After deciding the place the next step is to decide for the number of guests. Preparing a guest list in advance that will help you understand how much food needs to be organized. You can send over e-invites to the grownups party while for kids it is essential that you create handmade invites that can be decorated with pictures, colors, the theme of the party, cartoon character, pop-ups and so on. The decorations are the third step that you will need to decide. Deciding for games or fun activities is something that is essential to make it an enjoyable event for all....

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Birthday Celebration Ideas for Winter Season for Teens

It is winters already and all that chill at times may dampen the spirit of the birthday celebration, however, if you plan it right then it can become fun. Given here are few exciting and amazing winter birthday ideas for teens that will add fun and excitement. You need not step out in the cold but enjoy it indoors. Credit goes to Flickr A Twilight Party Every one is a fan of the Twilight Saga and the vampires, werewolves and complicated love triangles. Why not let your party be Twilight themed with props, mocktails resembling blood, twilight crafts, dress up, fake fangs, red velvet cupcakes, and a vampire-themed photo booth too. Zombie Tag Who doesn’t likes to hunt the zombies? Let the party be zombie-themed with zombie tag, include laser tag in it and it becomes more exciting, fake guns, weapons to choose from, planning for survival, dividing into teams one to attack and another to defend. You can even screen Zombieland at the end of the game. GOT Winter is Coming Yes, of course, winters are already here and it kind of becomes a bit boring staying indoors, especially if it is a birthday party. However, going by the most popular television series Game of Thrones or GOT things do become interesting. Ask the guests to arrive dressed up as their favorite GOT character. While you decorate your...

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Using Menstrual Cup- Pros N Cons

According to experts, there has been a significant increase in the use of menstrual cups due to the convenience of using one and avoiding leaking of the fluid. Often women using this are comfortable to it as opposed to sanitary pads and tampons. If you are still wondering what a menstrual cup is and whether it is good or not then read on to clarify your doubts.   Credit goes to wikimedia What are Menstrual Cups? Menstrual cups look like bell-shaped cups that are often made of silicone and sometimes rubber. When it s folded and inserted into the...

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Common Ways in Daily Routine in Which Germs Spread

Germs spread easily, especially where there are many kids within a closed area and there are more chances of spreading infection. This is true in the case of infants and toddlers who are often using their hands for wiping noses, rubbing eyes and then they handle their toys or touch other kids, and that transfers their infections. By touching their noses and their eyes, the virus transforms from their noses or eyes and then on to toys or through their hands to the other child. This is how kids often pick up contagious germs. However, if you are already...

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Home Remedy to Avoid Winter Itch (Itchy Skin In Winters)

Cold winters are welcomed by many, however; the drop in temperature often results in decreased moisture. The impact of this is dramatic upon the body; it often leads to dry and itchy skin, this is often referred to as the winter itch. The problem is a result of the moisture loss from the skin due to the drop in humidity levels in the environment. Winter itch may happen in specific areas like thighs, around knees, back or all over the body. If you too are experiencing the same then it is the time to take some corrective measures that...

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