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Author: Ritu Sharma

How Long is too Long to be Constipated?

Bowel moments are an essential part of our routine, just like eating, sleeping and other things. Shitting too should be on schedule, or rather just something as normal as other activities that you carry out daily. However, for some it is like twice a day thing while for others, it is like an alternate day or something that happens once a week. Whatever it is, often the biggest question is constipation and getting all clogged up. Without realizing, many are constant sufferers to it and they are wondering what went wrong. Through this article you will get an overview...

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How To Keep New Born Cool & Comfortable in Hot Summer

Spending summers indoors seems a lot better option, especially when you are having an infant to take care of. However, the biggest challenge that comes across is that of keeping the infant comfortable during summer, overdress the baby and they develop heat rash, expose them to hot weather and they are prone to rashes and heatstroke resulting in high fever and rapid breathing etc. You need to ensure that your infant is cool and they are able to go through the summer season without any discomfort. Given here are few tips that will help you keep your infant cool...

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Sharp Memory & Brain Development Activities For Kids

It is again the time for vacations, but how many of you are able to enjoy it with your kids around? This especially goes for those who are not able to find activities for their kids. Another thing is that when you are not able to involve kids into something interesting as well as something that sharpens their mind then the only thing left for them are computer games. (Though I don’t find so much good in computer games.) Through this article you will get some ideas and some activities that will keep them fit in mind and body....

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Why Does Baby Kick So Much in Womb

The most amazing feeling for a pregnant woman is that of experiencing the kicks of her baby. While it is a sure indicator of the growing fetus inside the womb, this is yet another indicator that you have crossed another milestone by reaching a new height of your pregnancy journey. However, amazing the feeling is, have you ever wondered why does baby kick so much? Is there something that your body is trying to communicate? Through this article you will be made aware about some interesting facts associated with the kicking of baby. Image Credit Flickr By Sanchez Not...

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Natural Stool Softener for Infants & Toddlers

Constipation in infants develops due to numerous reasons this can include anything from change in diet, less fluid intake and some other reasons. No matter what, the situation is, important to deal with to ensure that your baby is able to get freedom from painful poop and it further does not develop into a chronic condition. However, often time due to growing concern it is easy for the mother and baby to feel the stress of the situation and opt for medicines forgetting that this situation can be dealt with some natural remedies too. Through this article you will...

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