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Author: Ritu Sharma

Why Does Baby Kick So Much in Womb

The most amazing feeling for a pregnant woman is that of experiencing the kicks of her baby. While it is a sure indicator of the growing fetus inside the womb, this is yet another indicator that you have crossed another milestone by reaching a new height of your pregnancy journey. However, amazing the feeling is, have you ever wondered why does baby kick so much? Is there something that your body is trying to communicate? Through this article you will be made aware about some interesting facts associated with the kicking of baby. Image Credit Flickr By Sanchez Not...

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Natural Stool Softener for Infants & Toddlers

Constipation in infants develops due to numerous reasons this can include anything from change in diet, less fluid intake and some other reasons. No matter what, the situation is, important to deal with to ensure that your baby is able to get freedom from painful poop and it further does not develop into a chronic condition. However, often time due to growing concern it is easy for the mother and baby to feel the stress of the situation and opt for medicines forgetting that this situation can be dealt with some natural remedies too. Through this article you will...

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Vaginal Infection During Pregnancy-Home Remedies

Pregnancy is one of the best things to ever happen to a woman and it calls for celebration. However, with numerous changes in body, often women experience minor infections and irritations. Most of the ailments are due to several chemical and biological changes in the body and these are due to additional body requirements that you go through during pregnancy. The most common that women often complain is about is yeast infection. This is the most common vaginal infection that often pregnant woman complain about and is annoying too. Let us understand all about it including the home remedy...

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First Time Mother-Positive Pregnancy Test-What Next?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life as it brings happiness in the family. The expectant mother and especially her husband are excited after discovering that soon a bundle of joy would be arriving in their family. However, with all this happiness, joy and excitement, there are few things that you as a mother need to take care of. Now that you are pregnant, there are few things that you should do and few things to avoid, to have a healthy baby. Image Credit Flickr By Funbobseye Let us first begin by the Do’s that you...

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Weight Loss Exercise Can be a Cause of Constipation

The best that you can do to keep your body fit is to exercise. Active gym life and keeping up with regular exercise activity is what the health professionals recommend. However, surprisingly many times when exercise is suppose to be cure for constipation, often it becomes cause for it too. Our digestive system is complex and it is possible when one changes their lifestyle, they need to focus upon making other changes too. Although some people do complain of constipation, there is no scientific evidence to it, then why does this happen? Let us find out the possible cause...

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