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Author: Ritu Sharma

Which Type of Dishwasher Detergents Safe for Babies

Taking care of your LO or Little One always tops your priority list, this is because they are vulnerable to everything and anything around them. Same goes for dishwasher detergents that are often laden with toxic ingredients to get the grime off the dishes. But are these good for your baby’s sipper and their bottles? Using your regular detergent can trigger off loads of digestive issues and other health hazards for your LO, so what to do? It is essential to first learn which type should you buy and what is safe for your baby. Image credit goes to...

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Some Natural Remedies for Depression

Depression is a condition that can strike at any time of life. It is one of the leading mental disorders that affect many people world over. Most of the times cases related to depression go undiagnosed or the person under depression suffers in silence. There is no age or gender that is specifically associated with depression and it is also regardless of class or culture. However, more than often teenagers are affected by it. There are two kinds of depression; one is situational depression that is related to reaction to events that become trigger point towards breeding negativity in...

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Things Don’t Work In Kids’ Party

Your kid’s birthday party is something that is one of the most exciting events after becoming a mother. Now the most important things that you would need to remember is that there is a lot of planning that needs to be done on your part or else everything goes chaotic. However, no matter what, there are some common things that often do not work in kid’s party, read on to understand more and avoid doing these mistakes. Image credit goes to flickr jilblacktown Following are some of the things that you should avoid as these are complete party poopers: The...

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Tooth Decay in Toddlers – Signs, Causes and Home Remedies

Tooth decay is a problem that affects everyone regardless of the age factor. These days even mothers of toddlers are concerned about the oral health of their toddlers as tooth decay is by large causing troubles. However, with this rising concern, it is essential to find means of countering it. Even though the problems may seem a bit nasty, but by using some simple home remedies it becomes easy to avoid it. Image credit goes to Flickr Nusantara Development Initiatives NDI Leading Causes Tooth Decay in Toddlers Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria within mouth multiplies and begin grinding at...

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Is Milk Chocolate Bad For Your kids’ Teeth?

We all love chocolates and it is a sensual delight to our taste buds. However, often people are confused about dark chocolates and milk chocolates. While chocolates are derived from cocoa bean it contains many beneficial compounds that are known to contribute towards good health. Compared to milk chocolate the nutritional value does go down a bit and makes it less healthy than dark chocolate. Nonetheless, people who are thinking of switching to milk chocolate need to know more about it. Image Credit goes to Flickr david pacey What is a Milk Chocolate? It is important to learn about milk...

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