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Author: Ritu Sharma

What Is The Right Flow Of Bleeding During Periods?

Often the most confusing and the most stressful time in the life of a female is the time when she is menstruating. Even though it is an every month thing and one must get used to it, however, with time, changes in hormone levels and age things change in your cycle too. Heavy bleeding to light bleeding and irregular to dark blood are some of the things that females experience during different phases of their lives. Lets us understand how at different ages periods too get affected. Image Credit Flickr By Vinoth Chandar During Teenage Most girls start their...

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Go Step By Step When Choosing Good School/Preschool for Your Kid

Looking for a preschool for your kid is not an easy task as there are many things that need to be taken care of. It is not just about the initial stages of child education and brain development, but it is also about giving your child the best experience in their formative years. If you are aware about what to look for then it become rather easy to begin with. Given here are some pointers that you will be able to apply for developing The Basics The first thing that you need to consider is what the things are...

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How Often Should Babies Pass Stool?

Your baby’s bowel moment is something that can range from liquid to solid and often it is a result of breast-milk or formula feed. Other reasons that influence the bowels are teething and even sickness. No matter what often you might be perplexed as to how many times should your baby pass stool and how often? Here is a guide that will help you understand all about the bowel moment of your infant up to 12 months of age. Days following the birth It is said that just days following the birth the stool of a baby should be...

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How Long is too Long to be Constipated?

Bowel moments are an essential part of our routine, just like eating, sleeping and other things. Shitting too should be on schedule, or rather just something as normal as other activities that you carry out daily. However, for some it is like twice a day thing while for others, it is like an alternate day or something that happens once a week. Whatever it is, often the biggest question is constipation and getting all clogged up. Without realizing, many are constant sufferers to it and they are wondering what went wrong. Through this article you will get an overview...

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How To Keep New Born Cool & Comfortable in Hot Summer

Spending summers indoors seems a lot better option, especially when you are having an infant to take care of. However, the biggest challenge that comes across is that of keeping the infant comfortable during summer, overdress the baby and they develop heat rash, expose them to hot weather and they are prone to rashes and heatstroke resulting in high fever and rapid breathing etc. You need to ensure that your infant is cool and they are able to go through the summer season without any discomfort. Given here are few tips that will help you keep your infant cool...

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