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Author: Devya Agarwal

Top 50 Most Popular Baby Names in 2013 in USA based on SSA Data

Hi, Today we are sharing ’50 Most Popular Baby Names of 2013’. These names have been collected based on All names are from Social Security card applications for births that occurred in the United States in 2013. Rank Male Baby name Female Baby name 1 Noah Sophia 2 Liam Emma 3 Jacob Olivia 4 Mason Isabella 5 William Ava 6 Ethan Mia 7 Michael Emily 8 Alexander Abigail 9 Jayden Madison 10 Daniel Elizabeth 11 Elijah Charlotte 12 Aiden Avery 13 James Sofia 14 Benjamin Chloe 15 Matthew Ella 16 Jackson Harper 17 Logan Amelia 18 David Aubrey 19...

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Most Popular Traditional Hawaiian Baby Names-Unique Baby Names

Hi All, Today we are sharing Most Popular Traditional Hawaiian Baby names Most Popular Traditional Hawaiian Baby Names Start with letter ‘A’ Name & Phonetic Sound Meaning `Auli`i [au lee’ ee] Dainty, Cute, Exquisite, Cute, Perfect, Trim, Nice Aikane [ai kah’ neh] Friend Ailani [ah ee law nee] High Chief Alana [ah law nah] Awakening Ali’ikai [ah lee ‘ee kai] King or Queen of the Sea Alohi [ah low hee] Brilliant Anuhea [ah new hay ah] Cool and Fragrant Aolani [a oh law nee] A Heavenly Cloud   Most Popular Traditional Hawaiian Baby Names Start with letter ‘E’ Name...

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Pregnancy Pillow to support Back, Belly & Hips

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Moms-To-Be If you ask a mom, what was the best time in her life then I am sure she will reply – “When she was pregnant”. There cannot be a better feeling for a woman than to be pregnant. I am also a mother of 2 year old daughter so I know how it feels when you are pregnant. Being pregnant usually one of most wonderful period in your life but at the same time it can be the most difficult too; especially when you enter into your 7th month or 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Most...

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Tips for Makeup During pregnancy-How safe Makeup is in Pregnancy

Pregnancy not only change your body structure as well your skin type also. Some women glow like a bulb, and some become so dry and dull. The tone and color of your skin can alter when you are pregnant. We have already discussed about the Body and skin care during pregnancy. So here are some make up tips for those who usually apply makeup on daily basis and for those also who need to apply in pregnancy to hide the pregnancy effect on their face. Image Credit Flickr by Gabriel Flores Use Sunscreen: During pregnancy due to hormonal changes your...

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Body Care Tip during Pregnancy – Pigmentation, Stretch Marks

Pregnancy hormones can affect every part of your body, including breasts, skin, hair, nail, teeth and gums. So you need extra body care during pregnancy. To keep your body healthy, you’ll probably need to make some changes in your daily routine. Image Credit Flickr by Eugene Luchinin Body Care during Pregnancy – Skin Care Your skin will probably bloom during pregnancy. All the extra hormones encourage the skin to hold moisture that plumps it out, making it less oily and less prone to spots. The extra blood circulating in your blood vessels makes your skin glow. But you can see some...

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