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Author: Devya Agarwal

11 Mistakes that make your baby overweight or fatty

Here we are discussing the common mistakes that almost all parents make and these mistakes make their kids fat. It doesn’t mean that you use these as tips for how to make your underweight kid healthy. These mistakes don’t make your kid healthy at all. The scientists have come up with a whole list of mistakes parents commonly make with their kid’s food habits that can start them off on a lifetime of battling the bulge. 11 Mistakes make your baby overweight Putting baby on bed with a bottle: About 50% parents do this. Putting baby on the bed...

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Aloevera – Health and Beauty Benefit of Aloe vera

Health and Beauty Benefits of Aloe vera Since ancient times, Aloe vera which is a “plant of immorality” has been used for numerous purposes and it even has numerous benefits. These plants are commonly belong to succulent plant species and are found in African regions. Aloe vera is a nontoxic plant which stores water in its leaves and survives in low arid regions and low rainfall. Leaf of aloe vera has a unique look without stem and having spear like spikes protected by few serrated edges. This plant is considered to be a miracle plant and has various health...

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High Sugar During Pregnancy – GESTATIONAL DIABETES

High sugar/diabetes during pregnancy High sugar/diabetes- is a condition where body is unable to convert carbohydrates and sugars into energy. When this happens? It happens when the body of a person is unable to produce sufficient amount of insulin and furthermore even can’t use the insulin. This condition in the body when body is unable to produce sufficient insulin, results in damage of in the blood vessels, heart, nerves, kidneys and eyes due to extra sugar in blood. Types of Diabetes TYPE 1- body produces no insulin or little amount which is not sufficient for body to change blood...

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Baby Diaper Changing Table – Really helpful things to buy for newborn

Things to buy for newborn – Baby Diaper Changing Table Many women want the answer of this question that “are they really require a changing table, pad and mat?” I think changing table, pad and mat are those kind of things which benefits you come to know after using it. Here are some reasons for which you should go for a changing table set. Widgets Why you should have a Baby Diaper Changing Table If you had C Section then it is useful: After C Section it becomes about impossible to change the diaper on the floor or...

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