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Author: Devya Agarwal

How to choose best Sipper or Sippy Cup for your baby

What is Sippy Cup or Sipper Sippy Cup is a cup usually made with plastic having a straw or snap on lid or spout and sometimes a handle too. It is used to give training to the little babies. Sippy Cup increases coordination between baby’s hands and mouth and help to teach her drinking independently. This is a good way of transition from bottle to normal cup. MUST READ: – TOP 5 BEST SIPPER CUP FOR BABY When should we start using Sipper You can give Sipper to your baby at 6 months. But if you feel that he/she...

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Best valentine’s gifts for your pregnant wife-Parents to be

Best valentine’s gifts for your pregnant wife: Valentine’s Day is the day when you can pamper your pregnant wife, who is suffering with some aches pains and mood swings.  Your concern can make her this time little bit easier. What to get for a pregnant lady is very difficult question; here are some ideas which can solve your difficulty. Prenatal Massage: Prenatal Massage therapy is one of the best methods to relieve your pregnant wife from aches, pains and cramps. Massage is also good enough in reducing stress. It is true that during pregnancy a lady goes through a...

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Breast Cancer- Reason, Symptoms, Cure and Awareness

Hello readers! We all know about the breast cancer and how it is increasing in women these days. Roughly 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no identifiable risk factors for the disease. Breast cancer is developed from breast cells which usually start from the inner lining of milk ducts. Reason of Breast Cancer The reason or the cause of breast cancer is still not understood well. It is really much difficult to say that why one woman develop breast cancer and another may not. Some risk factors you may change while other you may not. Age: As...

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How to look stylish and beautiful during pregnancy?

Hello expecting mothers! We are here to help you as to how to look stylish and beautiful during pregnancy. You don’t need to worry at all about your looks and style which flaunts everyone around you. Pregnancy is a stage where mother carries her child in her womb for 9 months. For those 9 months, mother cares herself as she is caring her child after birth. During pregnancy, mother has to look after her health as well as of her child. Presently, women are more towards fashion trends and are really attracted towards the western culture. During pregnancy as...

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what to pack in hospital bag for delivery for baby – c- Section

Checklist when going to hospital for childbirth Nine months long journey is almost completed now. This is the time to pre pack your bags for hospital so you would be all prepared for any kind of emergency. Try to pack two small bags, first one for ‘labor pain’ time and another one for after childbirth. If this is your first child delivery then this checklist would be very helpful for you. Bag One – For ‘labor pain’ time: Photo ID card: Pack one of your photo identity proofs in the bag when you are in 8th month of pregnancy....

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