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Author: Devya Agarwal

When do pregnancy symptoms start- 4 weeks pregnant symptoms

Signs of pregnancy Wondering if you are pregnant? And it is too early to get accurate results from pregnancy test, then you can noticed some early signs of pregnancy but every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. Not every woman has the same symptoms even not every pregnancy have the same symptoms. Many women know by their inner intuitive feeling when they have conceived. But also because early signs of pregnancy are very similar to the symptoms like right before and during menstruation, those symptoms are not always recognized. Here are some classic signs of pregnancy which...

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Home Remedies for Migraine: Symptoms, Cause and Treatment

Headache is a very common thing in our life. But we can’t keep this out as it may be Migraine. Yes, the headache which affects the half part of the head referred as Migraine. This is a neurological condition where the people experience moderate to severe pains on one or both sides of the head. This pain often starts from the eye and moves towards the part of the head. It is believed that the Migraine is due to the mixture of environmental and genetic factors. Symptoms The main symptom of Migraine is a headache which is unilateral. In...

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Health Benefits of drinking lots of water

Health is the success of key and for living a healthy life, drinking water plays a very important role. According to the doctors, it is necessary to drink eight glasses of water daily. As we all knows that water is tasteless, we still love to drink water. The importance of drinking water is increased in hot and sunny summer days. Here, we are giving a list of benefits of drinking water which will be very helpful in living a healthy and disease free life. Lose Weight: – Drinking water is very helpful in losing weight. There are various types...

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How much sleep does a baby need?

As a new parent it is very difficult to take enough sleep but we can manage it if we try to sleep according to our baby sleep timings. Generally first time parents say “No” whenever they are asked “Is you baby sleep through the night?” Newborn babies do not know the difference between day and night and their tinny stomach cannot hold too much for a long, so they need food in after every few hours no matter it is day or night. The average newborn sleep is 16 to 18 hours per day in about 8-10 naps. Yap newborn babies need a lot of...

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How to Keep Your Skin Protected in winters – Winter Skin Care

During winter season, people faced so many skin problems like dryness in the skin, lacklustre and flake in the skin. These skin problems damage your skin and this will decrease the glow and charm on your face. As everyone wants to look beautiful and charming, it is necessary to keep your skin protected in winters as well as in other season also. Through various skin protected tips during winter season, we can maintain healthy, fresh, glowing, charming and supple skin in winters. Some beneficial skin care tips are as follows: – Use Cold Creams: – As the climate changes,...

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