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Author: Devya Agarwal

The Best Baby Sleep Training Tips Ever

Hey friends! Today we are here with you all especially for parents as well as would-be parents for having a brief knowledgeable understanding about the best baby sleep training ever. In the first few months babies do get up a lot. This phenomenon is natural and no one can run away from it. Mothers should prepare them before hand through the training programs that are available online and also offline specialist can be called for the better understanding. There are number of ways by which one can give his or her child a better sleep, without any outward disturbances....

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Speech Therapy for Late Talkers Kids-Language Development Delay

Is my son a Late Talker? I have one cute daughter, she is 2 year old and believe me she is too talkative. She always keeps us (Me & My Husband) busy by asking questions like – “What is this?”, “Which color is this?”, “Dad where are you going?” and blah blah…. One of my friends has a son who is around 27 month old but he hardly speak any word. My friend is really concerned about it. She told me that her son always busy in playing with toys or running here and there. Is it really a...

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Health Benefits of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

What is Coconut Palm Sugar? Coconut Sugar is a natural sweetener and best alternative to regular cane sugar. It is also known as Coco Sugar, Coconut Palm Sugar or Coco Sap Sugar. Difference between Coconut Sugar & Palm Sugar Don’t confuse the term “Coconut Sugar” with “Palm Sugar”; they both are different in taste, texture and manufacture methods with each other. Palm Sugar is made from the sap in the stems of Palm Trees (e.g. Palmya Palm, Date Palm, Sugar Date Palm, Sago Palm or Sugar Palm) whereas Coconut Sugar made from the sap of cut flower buds of...

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Newborn Care – 10 Reason Why Newborn Baby Needs Extra Care

Why some New born Babies need Special Care All newborn babies need care but some babies need extra care. Some babies come in this world with some health challenges so need special care. Here are some reasons of why some babies need extra care. Birth weight less than 1.5kg: If babies are very small and have a low birth weight. A low birth weight infant is defined as one weighing less than 1.5 kg. Low birth weight can happen in both premature and full-term babies. A healthy newborn weigh lies between 2.5 – 4.5 kg (5.5 – 10 lbs)....

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Home Remedy for Toothache – Remedy for Tooth Pain, Gum Pain

Toothache is one of the horrible experiences that none want to have. I have observed that most of the time severe toothache occurs at late in the night when your dentist’s office is closed. Toothache is something that can be cure permanently by your profession dentist only; so all the home remedies mentioned here are to just give you relieve from toothache until you get appointment from your dentist. Problem of toothaches vary greatly. On the lighter side it could be a mild soreness but if you are unlucky then it could be an unbearable throbbing pain in your...

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