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Author: Devya Agarwal

Home remedies for cough & cold – Natural Treatment

Common cold and cough are the common ailments a person suffers during winters as well as in other times of the year as well. The experience is really a draining one. There are various medications which one can go through to get cure of cold and cough but besides curing they have little side effects too. Home remedies for cough & cold are the best options for adults as well as for kids. The best thing about home remedies is they have no side effects and generally very inexpensive. Many people know about the symptoms of cough & cold...

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Home Remedies for Hair fall – To stop hair fall & regrowth

Hair fall! Hair fall! Hair fall! & Hair fall has nothing to do with age at all. In earlier days, hair fall was specifically meant as a sign of aging and was one of the greatest causes of one’s embarrassment. There are so many other reasons for the hair fall rather than just being the age factor. Whatever the causes, embarrassment is not at all reduced not even by any of a fraction. There are various causes for hair fall as well as various effective home remedies for hair fall treatment. CAUSES FOR HAIR FALL Heredity or stress Dyeing...

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Winter Skin Care for baby – Tips for Healthy winter newborn

Winter weather can be tough on your baby’s health and tender skin. With just a little extra attention to baby health care and skin care, you can make this weather fun filled for your baby. Cloths: Don’t over-bundle the baby. Over bundle may cause of heat rash too. The general thumb rule when it comes to dressing newborns is that they need one layer more than you are wearing yourself. Still you need to check your baby time to time by touching his/her back of neck, if he/she is sweating then remove one layer immediately. When taking your baby out,...

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Tips to make blower or room heater safe and useful for your babies

Room heater is a good option to keep warm baby’s room. Colds, coughs etc are some illness which can be avoided by keeping your baby warm using room heaters or blowers etc, but there should be taken some precautions before selecting and using room heaters.   Maintain Temperature: Remember room temperature should not be too high because it can be harmful for the baby’s skin and health. Generally room heater doesn’t have a thermostat, they doesn’t switch off automatically. So remember to maintain the room temperature by switching off the heater or opening the room doors and windows. Layered...

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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Wrinkles Quickly – Wrinkle Free Skin

A perfect glowing face is what every woman desires for, but only a few are able to achieve it. Facial wrinkles not only degrade the overall look of the face, but also symbolize the growing age. Wrinkles might be caused due to any of the several reasons like Unhealthy smoking habits Direct exposure to sunlight Inefficient diet Genetic disorders Sudden loss of weight Exposure to pollution The final verdict is not based on the root of this problem, but what you can actually do to constrain or minimize it once you find yourself in such a situation. These are...

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