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Author: Devya Agarwal

Lower Back Pain During Periods & Pregnancy & After Delivery

Different facts, different issues and different views have made this subject sometimes to cause panic. But, in real, it is not always a matter of worry and fear. Periods are the most reserved subject for girls that is hesitantly talked about. But, more the doubts are cleared more it eases the pain. Periods bring cramps, fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety at certain levels while back pain is accompanied. Lower back pain is an adamant situation occurring during many challenging phases in a woman’s life like during periods, pregnancy, after delivery. Let’s unveil some reasons for back pain issues in different stages:-...

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Are Grapes Good or Bad For Constipation

It is said that “we should take care of our body, as it’s the only place where you live.” Taking care has a simple explanation that, take the best diet that suits your body.  Our planet generates the largest variety of fruits and vegetables; they have different nutrients for our different organs, diseases, ages etc. Although, there is no fruit which is not suitable for human being to the minimum extent, but, fruits have both the good and the bad effects which may include allergies, sensitivity, constipation and aches. Here, we will talk about grapes and its effects on...

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Swollen Feet Ankles and Legs after C-Section

Pregnancy has many aspects that show different health situations, fatigue, mood swings and at last, presents you the best phase after delivery. Baby brings happiness in bulk. But, delivery in itself is a careful stage, after delivery many precautions are mandatory, especially, if it’s the cesarean one.  Cesarean is a surgical delivery that is done through dissection in the abdominal wall and the uterus and not in the vagina. It’s not a matter to panic about or be frightened of. Yet, it needs extra care and caution. Many problems are common in almost all c-section deliveries, like:- Headache Loss...

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Women’s Day Special-Tips to look beautiful without makeup

Woman is the most beautiful, intelligent and delicate creature of the nature. Every woman wants to look more and more beautiful but I think every beauty held inside every woman, but sometimes in life struggle she forgets to feel her beauty. No beauty comes from makeup. Our beauty lies within ourselves, which becomes visible if we take care of these important points. A person looks beautiful if he/she is healthy. Good health has a different kind of shining in skin, and can be clearly visible on the face. So ladies start eating fresh and healthy food to look beautiful....

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Natural Remedies for Insomnia During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best time of life and the best thing to eve happen to a woman. Undoubtedly, the excitement and the anticipation of the baby coming into this world is something that only a mother can understand. However, there are other things to it that come along, like sleepless nights. It is something very common among pregnant women who experience insomnia during pregnancy. Not getting enough rest during that time may become a bit harder on you, but with the right remedies you will be able to fight it off. Why insomnia? Often the biggest factor that leads...

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