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Author: Devya Agarwal

Hitting Habit in Kids

Not only caring for their food and studies, children need to be taught about their habits also as they grow. Habits and tastes of kids change with their age. It is not only the family background, the atmosphere, but, also the parental skills to get the kids on the track while they start behaving and their manners develop. You may find your kid getting aggressive when taken into public. Many toddlers cry in the crowd because they are not used to seeing more than 2-3 person around. When my daughter was 2 years old, she cried and cried whenever...

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Egg is Essential for Growing Kids

Growing up is a stage demanding the essential nutrients which you may miss in the later years. Parents are passionate to provide the best of nutritional diet to their loved ones, but, before that, it’s more important to gather right information related to food and nutrition. Good nutrition is every child’s right. Even if you are not considering it vital, think twice about your kid and the following generations which will lead the way of health and nutrition you are constructing. First, it is the duty of the parents to make kids addictive to home food rather than the...

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Is Green Poop Normal for Babies

Babies have to be looked after every time they are fed. The moment babies feel hungry, mothers get ready to feed and avoid the discomfort. Image Credit Flickr by Nathan Walker It is a common situation to find your baby doing irregular stools, crying most of the time, not taking the feed at regular intervals, pooping green etc. Many reasons are still unknown to these problems related to babies till they get one year old. We can still gather some vital reasons and steps for mothers of babies showing green colored stools:- Many mothers start formula milk after 6 weeks completion...

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Mission Appe/Appam

Kids don’t want to eat vegetable and it makes the mothers worried because vegetables are the source of nutrition and other necessary vitamins.   This is the story of every house. Mothers do try so many things; give their best to make them eat vegetables. I too do the same. Today I am writing my story to make my daughter eat vegetables. One of the best ways to make kids eat vegetables is appam. These are made of vegetables and suji (Semolina). Like all young kids here in my house, mine one also doesn’t eat veggies at all. But...

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Can Workout or Morning Walk Affect My Periods?

My periods are somewhat very regular. And I also keep away myself from any kind of treatment which interferes in my cycle. Last month I started morning walk. My purpose of walk was not reducing weight as such but the overall heath is major concern. I generally have back pain and high pulse (about 100), and both can be managed by morning walk. This was the first time I really dedicated about morning walk, and some credit also goes to my walk partner- my friend. Initial 3 days was very crucial. My legs as well as arms were killing me....

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