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Author: Devya Agarwal

Diet during and after MENOPAUSE

Being a girl, it was never easy to watch the hormones changing episodes every time. The ‘issues and insecurities’ carried me away when the matter of next change followed. But, changing with time is the basic rule of life and the same happens with our body too. Once, we understand the creation, we progress with calmness and harmony. Image credit goes to Flickr Sarah Stierch It is certainly not easy to handle the challenges women face in every few years of age, but, it is possible to hit back. The challenges come at different levels like- puberty time, fertility period,...

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Early Menopause Symptoms

When a woman ovary stops producing estrogen, the hormone that controls the reproductive cycle is called menopause. However, on an average, the normal age of onset of menopause is between the ages of 40 to 58. But when someone has the menopause symptoms before turning 40 is known as early menopause. Image Credit goes to Flickr Icare Girard There are many reasons for early menopause like genetics, lifestyles, autoimmune diseases, chromosome defects, and epilepsy. But, many women are unaware of these symptoms. When it starts early, women often ignore blaming it on various other conditions or their day to day...

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Bleeding After Menopause- Issues and Remedies

Menopause is a natural state when periods and fertility stops. There is a complex change in hormones and this state can last for 1- 6 years also. It is a difficult stage when a woman goes through lots of physical, emotional and social changes. Image Credit goes to Flickr Ádám Fedelin Before menopause, periods become irregular and this situation remains for one year and can stretch for five years or more.  After finally reaching menopause, the women are no more fertile and start with the different body transitions. Sleeplessness, mood swings, abnormal discharge caused by vaginitis, vaginal dryness during sex,...

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Menopause – Things which affect Menopause in Woman’s Life

How breastfeeding, birth control pills, pregnancies affect menopause age. The word menopause itself brings haunting thoughts to the minds of women. Menopause marks the phase in a woman’s life, after which her menstrual cycle comes to an end and no longer she is fertile. It is a natural process in a woman’s life, and should not be considered as a disease or deformity. Image Credit goes to Flickr capt_tain Tom A few common symptoms of it are hot flashes, vaginal dryness, itching and burning sensations and night sweats. Between the ages of 44 to 55 years, a woman is expected...

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Things Women Should Know About Menopause

Menopause is a normal changeover of physical functions that begins between 40 – 50 years of age. It is the stage when a woman’s ovaries lose the reproductive function and the periods stop. The change in hormonal levels influences the menopausal stage. Image Credit Flickr by Rodrigo Senna Estrogen, a collection of reproductive hormones, is produced by the ovaries and is associated with the production of egg in the womb till menopause happens. Estrogen controls the reproductive cycle of a woman. Before menopause, a woman’s womb can thicken and accept a fertilized egg anytime. The monthly periods occurs when a...

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