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Author: Devya Agarwal

Mango in Constipation-Good or Bad?

Mangoes are love. This sweet sugary fruit appears in summer to give us a relief from hot winds and lift our moods. The people who are suffering from constipation are in doubt whether to eat mangoes or not. If you are affected with constipation you doubt on every food that it will increase the symptoms. Some people face constipation after eating the mangoes and some people thinks that mangoes reduced the symptom. In this article, we will clear this confusion and tell you “Can mango cause constipation or good for constipation?” Image Credit Flickr by menmohealth Mangoes are good...

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Why Does My Baby Wakes Up Crying

A baby turns the life into a new phase which surrounds only him and nobody else. After a child, his time becomes your time, his schedule becomes your schedule and his demands become your demands. Your 24 hour day finishes like 48 hours. They keep you busy like nothing else in the world. The only reason behind all this is “they are yours.” You are their only hope and secure shelter. Though, it’s a difficult phase for all parents but, the more you grow as parent, the more interesting life begins. It’s not wise to expect a baby to...

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Banana in Constipation-Good or Bad?

Banana is a super fruit that contains so many minerals. They are so much rich in energy that only once piece can lift your mood from sad to happy. Banana in Constipation – Good or bad is a debatable topic. Many people think that banana helps them to reduce constipation while other thinks that it causes constipation. Here in this article, I will explain why some people think its good and other bad for constipation. Banana in Constipation – Good? The reason why many people feel that banana cures their constipation is it has many supported elements. Let’s see...

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Know the correct safe position of baby sleeping

Parenting now has become the most confusing and vast topic. Being a mother you do everything for your child. But still we do mistakes unknowingly. To keep our child safe and healthy is our primary purpose. And if child is happy and healthy, mother will obviously be happy. Generally newborn baby sleeps 20 hours/day. We mother can also take rest while the baby is sleeping, but do you know baby sleep positions are very necessary for his/her wellbeing. These days sudden infant death ratio is increasing day by day. SIDS is the leading cause of death among babies between...

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Signs That Show Your Body Needs More Water

Water forms almost 56-65% of human body. It is mostly in our cells, between the cells and in the blood. It is suggested that every human being should have at least 1.5 liters of water intake every day. This level of water consumption will help in hydration of our body and will prevent water loss. Water moves the nutrients to the cells, removes the waste acting as an agent for detoxification and maintains the body temperature. Human body loses water every day through different functions of body like perspiration, urine and bowel movements. Hence, water intake should equal the...

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