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Author: Devya Agarwal

How to Choose the Best Bath Soaps for Your Kids

When it is about choosing the right product for keeping your children’ body and skin clean, there is no compromise because every child’s skin is unique and they react differently. Some children have dry skin while few others have an oily skin. Depending on their skin types, it is important to use the right kind of bath soap and other bathing products so that they do not develop any allergies later on. However, there are so many of them on the market that it can be outright confusing for us to decide which one to buy. Image credit goes...

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Home Remedies for Wrinkle Removal

One of the things many people worry about is seeing wrinkles on their face or hands. Removing wrinkles with expensive store-bought creams usually does not help the problem. Or it takes a very long time to work. So the best way to remove wrinkles is to use homemade products that are pure and natural. You can easily put these together and they are also good for your skin and your body. Using things like olive oil, coconut oil, bananas, avocados and honey, you can help to remove wrinkles without worrying about spending a lot of money. Image credit goes...

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How to Deal with Kid’s Cold and Cough

Kids are easily prone to many common and general bacterial infections like cold, cough, pneumonia, ear infections, throat infections etc. The infections are caused by some factors that can occur at any age from 3 to 15 years. Cold and cough occur most commonly in kids when they start going to school, they are closer to the following causes:- Kids catch a cold with the other kids in their peer group. The infections get transferred when they sneeze or a cough in front. Small kids don’t realize to protect themselves from such situations. Bacteria can attack with bad habits...

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Cold and Fever in Early Pregnancy

The miracle seems to give you the biggest surprise when a woman finds herself pregnant. Pregnancy is not only a wonderful journey of 9 months but, also an experience of bringing a life into the world. Staying with the little one in your stomach for nine months has the different experiences attached to it. Gathering all of them will not be possible but, we can talk upon some secrets related to health that is commonly found when a woman is pregnant. Image credit goes to Flickr coloredgrey The early pregnancy relates to the first stages of pregnancy. The signs that...

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How to Keep Hair Healthy in Winters

Hair is the most looked after portion in a woman’s body. Women take care of hair with the essential products and treatments. The reason is that after the facial beauty it is the hair that brings the best of personality according to time, age and occasions. Hair gives the opportunity to describe your charm and facial identity in various ways and styles. Hair needs care like rest of the body. Like the other organs, hairs also become prone to lack of nutrition. The seasons, diet, change of water attack hair health and give rise to some issues that can...

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