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Author: Devya Agarwal

Warning Signs That Show High Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a state when your body produces high blood sugar levels over a continued period of time. This group of metabolic diseases occurs when either the pancreas stop producing enough insulin or the cells in the body does not respond well to the produced insulin. Though, it is difficult to prevent diabetes when you have a hereditary series of this disease, but, precautionary measures help in preventing diabetes for long time. Bring a change in your lifestyle not just by being a fashion freak, but, also changing your diet towards a healthy journey every day. Good and balanced...

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Possible Reasons and Remedies of Armpits Pain

When shoulder bones, chest wall, muscles and upper arms adjust at one place, it forms the Armpit. There are 20 lymph nodes in the armpits in our body. In human beings, the body odor formation is higher in the armpit region. It is also known as the ‘Axilla.’ Underarms are actually the outer part of axilla. Armpit pain can occur both with the women and men as well. Reasons may differ but, are not ignorable in any case. There are different symptoms and causes that show something is wrong in the armpit:- Image Credit Flickr by linspiration01 Feeling pain in...

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Home Remedies for Itchy Nipples

We, women have the most complicated body than any other creature can even think of. Yet, it is the most beautiful too. The aura of a beautiful body has a strong connection with a fit body. Except the inside responsibility of the organs, it is vital to work for the outer layers also so that they fall in the healthy and clean chapters. Women worry about the overall shape and figure of their body every time, but, the parts like the ‘nipples’ are sometimes neglected. Nipples can show problems and discomfort, when they become itchy. Image Credit Flickr By...

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Nose Bleeding in Kids-Reasons & Home Remedies

One of the toughest parts of parenthood occurs when your kid’s nose is bleeding. It may projects scary, but not always an alarm towards a serious disease. The main cause of anterior nosebleeds is dry air. Scratching or picking the nose generally becomes the cause of bleeding. The part on the face, in humans and animals, with the nostrils, used for breathing and smelling is known as a ‘Nose.’ According to the researchers a human nose can smell about one trillion scents. One can develop nasal allergies, sinus infections, nasal polyps etc when the nose is obstructed. Bleeding of nose...

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Do we lose or gain weight during periods

Periods are the menstrual cycle of women which loses mucosal tissues through the vagina. Menarche -that is the starting of the cycle comes at the age between 12 to 15 years and menopause, that is when periods stop occurring, comes between 45- 55 years of age. Common problems in periods are bloating, acne, irritability and even weight imbalance. Menstrual cycle creates hormonal changes which may show gaining or losing weight. Hormonal fluctuations cause changes in appetite, which makes the body to lose weight itself during periods. Experts say that many women gain weight before periods and then lose when...

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