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HGH-Human Growth Hormone-Why What How?

Why HGH One of my friends just reached her 40, but looks like in her 50’s. Her low energy doesn’t allow her to maintain herself well. Her gray hair, wrinkled skin and low energy levels are not the only symptoms which make her look like 50, she has other medical symptoms too like decrease vision, early menopause and joint pain etc. Early aging doesn’t only bring medical and appearance issues, it comes with some other critical issues like relationship problems, job problems. These days she is not able to continue her job and facing ignorance in her relationships too....

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Foot Pain during Winter

Winter is a season which many enjoy, while it is a painful time for few others who face severe pains in joints, muscles and especially foot. Winter is also a season that makes you run for many festival and vacation time. It becomes necessary that you spend most of your time on foot. People with diabetes, neuropathy or having poor blood circulation are the one who faces the winter foot pain more often than others. Image Credit goes to Flickr Janice Magracia There are various people feeling the winter foot pain and it starts early on. People normally say that...

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Home Remedies to Abort the Pregnancy Naturally

The pregnancy period is the transition of motherhood for every woman. All women await the great feeling of being the child- bearer; they want to get to the aim of marriage and attaining motherhood. Although this is a great responsibility which should be taken only when one is well prepared for. Sometimes pregnancy occurs when you are not ready for this big responsibility due to some personal, social, professional, health or financial problem. In these circumstances, it’s better to abort the unwanted child than giving him life. Image Credit Flickr By Funbobseye In India, it is expected early from a newly wedded...

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How to Deal with Stress of Parenting

‘Parenting’ describes the care, the raising of a child which involves many phases that expect extra understanding and safety from parents. It’s obvious for first-time parents to feel annoyed and stressed with the responsibilities of growing up the baby. But, it is the most treasured responsible feeling for any human being. Image Credit Flickr by Oleg Sidorenko Many times, parenting brings pressure, challenges, restrictions etc. They need to be handled on time and with sensible decisions. Let’s work out some important suggestions to handle parenting matters and situations wisely:- The first change you find out after your baby is born,...

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Is Papaya really helpful in constipation?

Constipation is the most common problem of adult and kids nowadays. The credit goes to the modern lifestyle. People like to eat crap and sleep on irrelevant time. If you are facing constipation then surely you must be heard about a natural cure papaya. The question in your mind is “is Papaya good for constipation?” Well in this article, you will get your answer. I am going to tell you about the benefits of Papaya in constipation. To better understand it first let’s see the causes of constipation. What Causes Constipation? Constipation occurs when the colon absorbs too much...

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