My inspiration, The Sushmita Sen’s (Indian Actress) words at her 40th birthday was “Yes I am 40, with absolutely NO desire to be a day younger. I’ve earned it.”

Everyone knows jumping in 30s is like a nightmare. Women’s don’t like to cross their 20s. 30s looks like an “old age”, when you are no more a girl. I know it’s sad to hear but we all have to face it. 30s snatches so much from us like no more partying till mornings, no more blind dates, no more hogging on junk food and sugar drinks, no more trying that funky hairstyle and many more.

Turning 30? How to take care of yourself?

But ladies it’s a time to give a kick to all dull effects of 30s and we need to see the opposite side. Ahmm I mean contrary to all the fears and dreading, here are few reasons why 30’s is the most awesome time of your life! Surprised? Let’s check it out.

turning thirty

Image Credit Flickr By Jamezlecakes

I Am the Best

Exactly, this attitude enters, as one crosses the teens and 20s. We are no more dependent on others opinion, so far we know how we look and can make us feel as comfortable as no one else can that’s the biggest charm of entering 30s. Self-acceptance is attained by this time.

Starts Taking Care of Your Health

Very important change, we, women never take care of ourselves but as we enter 30s and we understand the importance of health. By that time we all know how to take care of our health.


As we all know, it’s said by our ancestors that maturity comes by age and experience and it helps to make our world better. 30s provide enough understanding of life and people around us.

Invest In Your Family

Most of us have been settled whether married or not till our 30s. It’s a time when we know the depth and value of all relations that usually teens don’t have.
Learns Our Strength and Weaknesses

Well knowing our weaknesses is good because we can take corrective action. But it’s even more important to know our strengths because as we go through life, we will continue to meet a person desperately hoping to advise and define us. 30s help to gain enough experience of our strengths and weaknesses which makes us bold, strong and confident.

Money Oh Money

Let’s be honest, when we are in 20s, we might have school loans, a lack of job prospects. Our 30s however, is a time when we actually get our feet on the ground.

We become semi-established or established and can afford luxuries in our lives. We can finally afford to live in a bigger apartment, buy that expensive dress, can plan for outings, pubs without a money constraint and even know by the time when and where to spend.

Social Life

By the time we reach our 30’s there is a good possibility that we have eliminated most of the bullshit from our life. In our 30’s we realize who our true friends are, and who actually matters in our life. We get sense to maintain our social life with right kind of people.

Hey beautiful ladies let me remind you, beauty of life does not lie in numbers…But it stays in heart forever.