We all face stress in our daily life. Sometimes it is due to health, which I consider a major point of genuine stress but stress makes health even worse, so it is here also not justified. But today I am talking about the fake stress which we get from any irrelevant things like neighbor fight, kids school assignment or some back bitching.

I am a over thinking woman, thus it becomes very necessary for me to keep myself stress free from those irrelevant things which do not get affect my life at all. Here are some odd but effective ways which I follow to make myself happy and enjoying life.

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  1. Share: Share your thoughts (these are not problems) with a positive person, whose approach is generally positive. And whom you can trust too. This is equally important that you are also ready to follow his/her advise. Generally we see people discuss but don’t ready to change anything. They just want to be in the situation. But to come out from those unpleasant thoughts first you will have to be ready for this.
  2. Make fun of it: I have a friend with whom whenever I talk we speak less and laugh more. One day I thought what makes us laugh this much. I observe that she always narrate her problems like a joke. Generally we discuss the things but not by taking or giving stress, we just make fun of all those things. This is a great stress buster. Share by making fun of those unpleasant things.
  3. Reading: If you have reading as a hobby, you can never be alone. Books are you’re the best and most loyal friend. Enjoy reading books of your choice.
  4. Talking with kids: Try this therapy. This is 100% for sure trick to say good bye to your stress. Talking, playing or spending time with young kids makes you full of life. You forget all your false tensions. And the other way benefit of this, kids get a quality time with you too.
  5. Do something creative: My mother likes stitching, knitting, teaching and she observes whenever she tensed, she got relief in these kind of things. Even if you are doing these creative tasks for the benefit of such person whom you don’t like, you still feel much better.
  6. Expert task: Appreciation is a great mood enhancer. Do the things for yourself or for others in which you have expertise. For example I love baking. If I bake a cake for someone, he/she will appreciate for sure and this will change my bad mood into good one.
  7. Shopping: All time favorite task of all girls is “Shopping”. Shop but take care of budget too.
  8. Health: Be a health cautious person. Do something good for your own health. Yoga, dance, walk and cook for yourself are some healthy steps which can make you feel better.
  9. Gardening: Plants are just like kids. Give it a try and you will observe that stress is gone from your life for forever.
  10. Outing with friends: Everybody likes company of good friends. Plan a small or big get together with friends. Watch movie or spent quality time with them. Try not to discuss all these daily false tensions in this good time with friends. All tensions will automatically go away.

Try these tips, these were from my personal experience, and I really found all of these tips effective. Have a stress-free life.