Marriage or Shaadi is a connection of two hearts (i.e. people), who loves each other with great enthusiasm and try to have the best they can. A happy married couple tries their level best to have a great time and being the incredible part of their lives. But attaining so is not as easy as it look like, you need to handle and sometimes even tackle very carefully. Life become easy and even pretties when you know each other and each other’s likes/dislikes. For a couple both men and women intact has to work hard, but has to focus on some basic tips for happy married life. If you are married or going to be married soon but don’t have any idea about how to keep your counterpart happy throughout then here we are with some tips for happy married life which you can follow and will surely give you positive results for the same.

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8 Tips for Happy Married Life

Build Trust

Trust is the key of a successful marriage. Trust your partner and make yourself trustworthy. Try to make trust in your partner’s mind and heart. This will allow you to get as closer as you can. Help them in some work; try to talk every night regarding some general topics. Trust is not something that can be developed in a day or two; It takes time and you both have to work hard for it continuously.

Express Yourself

Try to get involved in some simple and likely discussions. Make him/her feel happy and romantic by your nature, action or words. Talk to him/her whenever possible. Hug or kiss to express your love. Try to spend time with your partner when only you two are there. Don’t hesitate to say those three magical words “I Love You” frequently.

Enjoy Each Other’s Company

You must try to involve and enjoy in each other routine; like help in kitchen, help in office work or project. This makes both of you feel good and makes you a very important part of your partner’s life even in a busy life schedule. Try to listen properly and show interest in his/her talks. Be cool and patient towards each other. Watching TV serial or Movie also help you to come closer to each other; it also helps you to know each other’s likes/dislikes.

Be Romantic and Polite

Talk to your partner very politely and sometimes try some romantic words or dialogues. Use romantic dialogues at bed time; wake up time, while going to office. Also try to find some loving nick names of your partners. This sounds crazy but gives unexpected results.

Life has its own challenges but few romantic dialogues or chat (you can use lines from movies too for fun) can add flavor of happiness in your busy life.

Handle In Laws

Respect to your in laws and try not to involve them in your personal life. Don’t get affected by some negative talks about your partner. Everyone has right to make his/her perspective. Be loyal towards your partner and make a picture of your partner yourself.

Make Compliments but don’t Criticize

Do not criticize your partner. Instead of criticizing, try to share and together solve it. You can make compliments but not negative of course. This makes him/her feel very safe and close to you as you are always there to help him/her.

Forget Past

Never ever talk about your past relationships or experiences of life. Your past is not going to change, discussing about your past only spoil your present and future. Never compare your partner with anybody especially with your ex. Let small problems and issues to go.

Make Feel Special

Your partner needs your attention towards him/her. Talk to your partner openly about his/her mood and needs. Try to flirt with them. And yes often praise them for some activities. Adopt his/her good habits then only he/she will also adopt yours one.

Make Room for SEX

One of the best ways is sex. This is the most important part of a happy married life. Try out new positions and ideas but according to partner’s mood. Also never try for extra excitement.

Using these simple tips for happy married life, one can easily have a nice and happy married life. If you are serious about your relation and want the same from your partner, try these tips. Also if you two are already happy these tips will make your love life long. One of the greatest advices ever received is “never give up”. Always have a hope and you’ll do it. If you follow any other tips other than these then please share with our readers.