Baby birth is the most meaningful time for every woman. Ever woman wants those moment most memorable. But this is also equally important to her to make these moments easy and comfortable for new mother, new baby and others too. Keeping this in my mind I took some steps which are sharing with you.

things to do in the last month of pregnancy

Image Credit Flickr By Keith

  1. I chop off my long hair: My best idea was not to deal with baby spitting-up in my long hair. Babies spit milk, food and other things all over. Short hair is easy to wash, fast to dry and takes less time to style. Short hair falls less. This was totally my choice to not to bother anybody for washing my long hair after my delivery.
  2. Packed hospital bag: This is the task which I did totally as inexperienced. Luckily I didn’t forget to pack anything when go to hospital for the baby birth.
  3. Set up baby cot: I set up a cute baby cot. I didn’t spend much on it. Bought the cot in end of season sale. Sew cot bumper myself with the help of my mom. Doing things within time can save money a lot.
  4. Bought maternity clothes: Buying maternity clothes for yourself before delivery is very good idea, because if later someone else will have to buy for you, he/she can never buy as you can for yourself.
  5. A visit to parlor: It’s a way to pamper yourself. I visited parlor before my delivery, it was good in the way that the photographs clicked by the friends and relatives of new mom and new baby, I was also shining in those clicks. And this was only due to I pampered myself in the parlor before delivery.
  6. Chosen baby name: This is our first choice which we made for our baby and that stay with him/her lifetime. This is not only a responsibility but also an interesting task. I chose two baby names one for the boy and one for the girl. I really enjoyed that time of selecting baby names with my partner.
  7. Finalized birth declaration message: Generally I observed that fathers declare the baby birth, and it is because the mother is too weak after delivering the baby to inform anyone about it. Although it is perfectly fine that new father gives the news everyone. But it was my wish that I give this good news to my selective people. So I formatted a message to announce the baby birth and ask my husband to send that message to my selective loved ones. The message was so creative that everyone liked that.
  8. Finalized the domestic helpers: Domestic help is necessary even you have family support with you. I hired two helpers and trained them according to our requirements and it was really a good decision.
  9. Some baby necessities: I remember how much difficulty I was facing while choosing right sized baby cloths of the coming baby. How would I know the coming baby size? Thankfully my elder sister was there to help me out. The first thing I bought for my baby was a baby wrapper. I bought all necessities of the new baby like her clothes, bathing tub and accessories, car seat, feeding bottles and diapers etc.
  10. Filled up baby record book: I knew after baby birth I would not get time even for myself, so I completed everything which I could do at that time. I filled up baby record book from the first day of memory of pregnancy and write down all the precious moments related to my baby.