KMC, Kangaroo Mother Care

Kangaroo Mother Care-Skin to Skin touch and Baby Care

What is KMC? What are the benefits of it? What is KMC: KMC means Kangaroo mother care which a method of care is especially for preterm babies. I should be initiated in the hospital after baby birth … [Read More...]

Do you think being a mom is really tough job, Do you feel exhausted all the time, What to do when you feel exhausted as a mother

5 Tips To Solve New Moms Sleeping Problems

Having a baby comes with its own share of ups and downs. While the happiness and satisfaction of watching your baby is unexplainable, there are certain issues which the parents have to face soon after … [Read More...]

Food That You Should Not Give to your Child, Foods that contain unnatural colors and flavoring, Excessive amount of fruit juices aerated drinks, Granola Bars

5 Types of Food That You Should Not Give to your Child

Parents are seen having the least power to bargain when it comes to the diet of their kids. Majority of parents are seen compromising with the foods that they provide to their children only because … [Read More...]

Things Parents should not do in front of their child, Avoid Arguments, Avoid trash talk, don't discuss serious issues, Do not swear, no sad event talks

6 Things Parents should not do in front of their child

If you think that your child is not big enough to understand your grownup conversation, then you need to re-evaluate your thoughts, and not only the conversation, but even some of your activities … [Read More...]

early periods good or bad

Early Periods Good or Bad for Health-Is IT A Problem or not?

What is Early Periods: Menstrual cycle is a very healthy and normal process in all girls. It starts in about 12 years of age and last till menopause in middle age of life. On an average about in every … [Read More...]

tips for happy married life, trust, sex, expression, love, affection

8 Secrets of Happy Married Life – For Husband and Wife both

Marriage or Shaadi is a connection of two hearts (i.e. people), who loves each other with great enthusiasm and try to have the best they can. A happy married couple tries their level best to have a … [Read More...]

fancy dress ideas for kids jelly fish

Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids-Water Animals & Under The Sea

Hello Parents & Kids! A big thanks to give lots of love to our Fancy Dress related articles that we published in the past. We are getting lots of positive response and appreciation e-mail from parents. Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids – Independence Day Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids – Krishna Janmashtami Fancy Dress Ideas […]

Fancy Dress Ideas for kids vegetables with letters a to z

Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids -Fruits & Vegetable-Letter A to Z

Probably one of the most memorable days in every kid’s life, fancy dress competitions are truly enjoyed and cherished by every child. They like to dress up and have a day to themselves when they can actually have some fun. With no homework and classes at school, students get to learn as well as enjoy […]

What you should give to your growing kids, food that helps in kids growth, food for brain, What is balanced diet for kids, what should not eaten by kids

Best Food Options for Your Growing Kids That You Don’t Know

Feeding your growing child is surely a tricky business for all parents. Children belonging to the age group of 3 to 10 years are seen making all kinds of excuses when it comes to eating food, especially nutritious food. Parents are often seen facing dilemma about what to feed their tiny tots, something that is […]

Early sign of pregnancy-missed Period, Morning Sickness and headache

Pregnancy Test is Negative but No Periods – 8 Reasons Why

This is a very common medical condition that plenty of women come across in their life. So you have taken the pregnancy test and it turns out to be negative. On the other hand, you are missing your periods. Situations like these can be nerve- wrecking for a woman who either is not planning to […]

pregnancy and stress management, stress management tips for pregnant women

Stress Management during Pregnancy-Tips to Avoid Stress

Stress during pregnancy is very common, but stress above a certain level is not good for you and your unborn baby. It is pretty normal to have stress during pregnancy but this may harm the mother’s health as well as the baby’s health. This may be due to your improper hormonal function or may some […]

parent interview questions, how to prepare for parent interview questions during nursery admission

Nursery Admission Preparation for Parents – Question & Answers

Gone are the days when only the caliber and knowledge of a child was enough for getting their admission done into Nursery. Today, schools and their managements have evolved and they also emphasize on examining the mindset of the parents. Hence it has become equally challenging for the kids as well as their parents to […]

first aid box, kids got hurt

18 Common Accidents of Kids-First Aid and Safety Tips

Child’s safety is our first priority, so we should know all the first aid and safety tips and be well prepared for any such situation. Here are some tips for 18 common accidents happen with kids. Cut: If it is bleeding then clean it with lukewarm water and press it with clean soft cloth or […]

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