Is it safe to eat egg during pregnancy, eating egg is good or bad during pregnancy

Is it safe to eat eggs during pregnancy?

Question: Eating Egg during pregnancy ig good or bad for health? Answer: During pregnancy we need more nutrition, and egg is the good source of it. But during pregnancy raw and partially cooked egg … [Read More...]

Early sign of pregnancy-missed Period, Morning Sickness and headache

Pregnancy Test is Negative but No Periods – 8 Reasons Why

This is a very common medical condition that plenty of women come across in their life. So you have taken the pregnancy test and it turns out to be negative. On the other hand, you are missing your … [Read More...]

first aid box, kids got hurt

18 Common Accidents of Kids-First Aid and Safety Tips

Child’s safety is our first priority, so we should know all the first aid and safety tips and be well prepared for any such situation. Here are some tips for 18 common accidents happen with … [Read More...]

pre nursery admission, nursery admission

Nursery Admission-Answers to your How To, What To, Where To

My daughter is 2.5 years old and now I have started looking for a school for her. I know many of you who have landed on this page also in similar situation. I would like to share my Experience … [Read More...]

Reasons Why You Feel Sleepiness during Daytime in Office, feeling drowsiness in daytime, what to do to avoid sleepiness in office, early to bed and early to rise

Reasons Why You Feel Sleepiness during Daytime in Office

Hi All, I am facing day time sleeping issue from last 5-7 days; especially after lunch. If I am at home then it’s OK as I can take a quick nap but what if I am at office. I started reading about … [Read More...]

tips for happy married life, trust, sex, expression, love, affection

8 Secrets of Happy Married Life – For Husband and Wife both

Marriage or Shaadi is a connection of two hearts (i.e. people), who loves each other with great enthusiasm and try to have the best they can. A happy married couple tries their level best to have a … [Read More...]

Question asked during nursery admission, how to prepare kids for Nursery Admission, Basic Colors, Shapes, Rhymes, Saying Thank you, Hello, Potty Training

Tips to Prepare your kids for Nursery or Pre-Nursery Admission:

Preparing your child for Nursery admission is the first step towards making them ready for their entire journey of procuring quality education. Today the competition is at its peak and it has become a big deal to get your kids admitted into the best schools. It takes a lot of efforts to prepare your tiny […]

Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids on Environment Day, Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids on Earth Day, Fancy Dress ideas using recycle objects, newspapers, poly bags, carry bags

Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids on Environment Day or Earth Day

Hi All, We are here again with another useful article. If you are thinking that preparing or thinking about Fancy Dress options for your kids is a useless task then think again. It not only a task that gives you a chance to show your creativity but also help you to spent some more fun […]

is it good or bad for kids to watch TV, Advantages vs disadvantages of watching TV for Kids

Is watching TV good or bad for kids – Advantage and Disadvantage

Kids love to watch TV. If you ask them to stop watching they will always deny it. Most of the people in the house are attracted towards TV which includes kids and grownups. Many parents use TV as an alternative to someone who can babysit them. Many parents also purchase educational DVD’s so that their […]

I had a c-section and now having back pain, is c-section can cause back pain, suffering from back pain after delivery, What to do in back pain after c-section

Back Pain after C- Section – Reason & Home Remedies

With the numbers of C-section surgeries inching upward, it is very important to note the consequences of the same. Majorly, almost all pregnant women complain about back pain after spinal anesthesia which is the unique risk factor for back pain caused due to Cesarean birth. A 2009 study published in the journal Anesthesia and Critical […]

Krishna Janmashtami Fancy Dress Competition, How to dress up your kids on Janmashtami, dressed up your child as Lord Krishna this Janmashtami, HD Wallpaper

Krishna Janmashtami Fancy Dress Tips and Ideas

The year’s one of the most awaited festivals Janmashtami is right around the corner and everyone is looking forward to having a great festive time with their friends and families. The best part about Indian festivals is that people jump in and celebrate these festivals without the difference in their caste, religion and cultures. With […]

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