is it ok to give honey to an infant, why is honey not good for infants, why cant babies have honey, honey for babies under 12 months, babies honey how dangerous

Is Honey Good for Newborn Baby’s Health

There are many old wives(or old mother’s) tales, which support to give honey to newborn babies - E.g. Honey should be given to newborn babies like his first taste, it should be given with water so … [Read More...]

before pregnancy, what to do before pregnancy, how to plan for pregnancy, things to do before pregnancy

Must Know 16 Things Before Getting Pregnant

Planning before Pregnancy Planning before pregnancy is very important, because if you are healthy then only you can give birth a healthy child. Baby’s organs start to form before you know about … [Read More...]

How to stop underarm body odor, i am having body odor what to do, safe and easy way to remove body odor, how to get rid of bad body odor in kids naturally

How To Get Rid Of Bad Body Odor in Kids

Body Odor in Children Body odor is quite common and is annoying, don’t concern if your child too gets it. Jennifer Shu (Pediatrics) says that, it’s normal for children between 8 to 12 yrs of age to … [Read More...]

Building blocks toy is best educational game for kids, toddlers, boys, girls, Kids learn sharing habit, it improves hands and eye co-ordination, best kids game

Building Blocks The Best Educational Toy For Kids

Hi All, My daughter is now 2 and a half year old and I recently bought a ‘Blocks Toys- Building Blocks Game’ for her. She liked it very much and in just one month I have seen lots of changes in her … [Read More...]

health benefits of winter's vegetables, skin benefits of vegetables, vegetables to eat during winter season, vegetables good for skin and health

10 Vegetables To Eat In Winter For Good Health And Beauty

Green vegetables are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are crucial for the proper growth and development of our body. Especially during the winters, our body takes a step back in … [Read More...]

What to gift to bridal to be on bridal shower, games to play on bridal shower, unique bridal shower themes, pre-wedding hen party and bridal shower party

Bridal Shower Ideas, Themes, Games, Menu, Gift & Guest List

A bridal shower is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. It is the last time when she will get to have a great time with her friends as a single person. Soon after this, she will get … [Read More...]

Fancy Dress Party Theme Ideas Zombie

Fancy Dress Party Theme Ideas for Adult, Kids, Girls & Boys

As a parent, you will definitely find it easier to dress up your child for a fancy dress competition rather than hosting a fancy dress party on your own. Given that there are hundreds of party theme ideas for fancy dress, it is quite natural for you to face the dilemma of choosing the right […]

water animal fancy dress ideas

100+ Fancy Dress Competition Ideas for Kids

Hi All, Today we are sharing another great list of ‘Fancy Dress Competition Ideas for Kids’. I am trying my best to provide you unique innovative ideas to dress up your kids that will make him/her a winner. Fancy Dress Ideas on Independence Day in India – Freedom Fighters I think 90% Fancy Dress function […]

unique homemade Halloween dress up ideas for kids, halloween dress ideas for girls and women, homemade halloween dress ideas for men, unique halloween dress ideas

Homemade Halloween Dress Ideas for Kids/ Men/ Women

Come Halloween and people splurge out a large amount of money on getting their hands on the most spooky and different Halloween costumes. In fact, people look forward to being a part of Halloween parties all year long. However in between all the celebrations and goofing around, the one important fact that people often forget […]

Can diabetes patient eat Apple

My Father has Type 2 Diabetes. Can Eat Apples

Hi All, My father is diabetic patient. He is 55 year old and due to sugar he is losing weight and health too. Recently he slipped from stairs and got some wounds on right leg below knees. Due to diabetes wounds taking time in healing. We changed the complete diet plan of my father so […]

Halloween costume ideas for my 2 year old daughter, Halloween costume ideas for my 2 year old daughter, Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids, Halloween Theme Party

Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids & Toddlers

Halloween is that time of the year when kids feel utmost excitement for all the candies and gifts that they are going to receive. Every Halloween is incomplete without that perfect Halloween costume. Come Halloween and both parents as well as kids have a mind- boggling task deciding on their new Halloween ideas. Even more […]

How to get rid of fruit flies

How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies-Homemade Vinegar Trap

Hi All, I know that you landed on this page because you are searching “How to get rid of Fruit Flies”.  I live in India and we have a hot climate here which is favorable condition for Fruit Flies to live. Well Fruit Flies not only found in India but also in several other countries […]

Red palm Fruit, Red Palm Oil, health benefits of Red Palm Oil, Red Palm Oil is 50% saturated, Red Palm Oil have carotene that is good for brain

Red Palm Oil-Is really good for Health & Environment

Hi All, Today I was watching Food Safari on Fox Traveler Channel. They were showing some delicious food from African countries. One of the person from Africa mentioned importance of ‘Red Palm Tree Oil’ in their food recipe.  He mentioned that Red Palm Tree oil is very famous in the African countries and it is […]

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