most popular black friday deals online

Most Popular Black Friday 2014 Deals Available Online

Hi All, I know it is really hard to find 'Best Online Black Friday Deals'; so we thought to simplify this process for you by sharing all most popular black Friday deals with you at one … [Read More...]

I had c section operation can I eat non-veg food, Best Post Pregnancy Food- if you are Non-Vegetarian, what to eat and what not to eat post pregnancy

What to Eat After Delivery, C-Section, Post-Delivery

What to eat & not to eat after delivery Can we eat non veg, Yogurt, Pasta, Pizza, Chocolate, Vine, Alcohol, Fish, Mushroom, Broccoli, Coffee, Papaya or Chicken after C- Section or post-delivery? … [Read More...]

Home Remedy for cold & Cough in winters in kids

Oil, Ajwain & Garlic Cold & Cough Home Remedy for kids

I am mother of a 2.9 year old daughter. My daughter is very sensitive for temperature change so she uses to have cold and cough very frequently specially in winter season. Being a parent it is very … [Read More...]

How to teach sharing to Preschoolers, How to teach sharing to Kids, How to teach sharing to Toddlers

How to teach sharing to Preschoolers Kids & Toddlers

Kids face difficulty in sharing things with others. Not only things, rather they also face problems in sharing their parent’s attention and love often leading to conflicts when a second kid comes into … [Read More...]

Fenugreek Seed (Methi Dana) Benefits in Diabetes, Breastfeeding, Hair care, skin care, acne/scars, cholesterol, weight loss, cancer, child birth, Methi powder

Fenugreek Seed (Methi Dana) Benefits in Diabetes, Breastfeeding

Fenugreek seed, also commonly known as Methi dana. It is very easily available and has a number of health benefits e.g. Diabetes, Cancer, Breast feeding, Child Birth, Cholesterol, Indigestion and many … [Read More...]

Morning walk helps to reduce weight naturally and quickly, how to lose weight naturally fast, weight loss program day 1 morning walk, reduce weight

Benefits of Morning Walk on Social & Personal Life

Hi All, It’s been almost a month since I have started morning walk. I am exploring various benefits of morning walk but I noticed that most of the people talk about only ‘Health Benefits of Morning … [Read More...]

is it ok to give honey to an infant, why is honey not good for infants, why cant babies have honey, honey for babies under 12 months, babies honey how dangerous

Is Honey Good for Newborn Baby’s Health

There are many old wives(or old mother’s) tales, which support to give honey to newborn babies - E.g. Honey should be given to newborn babies like his first taste, it should be given with water so … [Read More...]

Hair Removal and Pregnancy , Shave, Hair removal Cream or powder, waxing, Electrolysis, Laser, how to remove unwanted hair during pregnancy, hair removal

Homemade Remedies for Dry Skin in Winter-Lemon Glycerin Yogurt

Our skin gets flaky and dry during winters. Almost everyone among us faces this problem and it is no surprise that even small kids also face dry skin or itchy skin issues during cold climate. The icy- cold breeze deprives our skin of its moisture and removes the greasy and smooth layer of protection. However, […]

Remove Acne Marks With Home made Face Packs, Home Remedies to remove Acne & scars marks

Remove Acne Marks With Home made Face Packs

We know this is not enough to remove acne only, but we all need something to remove acne marks too. So keeping in mind this thing I am sharing some acne marks removing face packs. Try these and let us know about the results. These packs work as miracle on acne marks. Must Read How […]

Homemade Pregnancy Test with sugar, How to do pregnancy test with sugar at home, negative pregnancy test result with sugar, Best time for pregnancy test

Homemade Pregnancy Test with sugar at home-Negative Result

Why Women use Homemade Pregnancy Test? Before proceeding with the ‘Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar’ it is good to know why and when one should go with homemade pregnancy test. Pregnancy is something that comes with excitement, curiosity and sometime with shock (especially when you don’t want pregnancy). There are situations when you missed your […]

How to avoid Acne naturally, How to clean Pimples naturally, Tips to avoid acne & Pimples, pimple free skin, Acne free skin, How to get rid of acne & pimples

Acne & Pimple Removal Homemade Packs-Part 2

Hi All, As promised I am here again to share some more ‘Homemade Face packs for removing Acne & Pimple’. If you have missed our earlier articles about acne & pimples then read them now. How To Avoid Acne & Pimples Homemade packs for Acne & Pimple Removal – Part 1 Acne Marks Removal Face […]

Parents should talk to their kids about school activity, save your child from child abuse talk with him as friends

Parents should talk about school activity with kids-Child Abuse

Talking about school with your kids How many of you parents out there talk to your kids about school? Do you always inquire: How their day went? What all they did in school? Talking to your kids is very important. In today’s society, there is nothing hidden from your kids and if they do not […]

Home remedies for wrinkles, get rid of wrinkles, home made facials, how to avoid wrinkles, reasons of anti aging, causes of wrinkles

Homemade face packs to get Acne & Pimple Free Skin

Avoiding acne is not the only solution to get rid of acne or pimples. We have to deal with acne. For this here we are sharing some acne removing tips and face packs. These all face packs are easily homemade and very effective. Homemade Acne & Pimple Removing Tips Wash your face twice daily Don’t […]

How to lose weight naturally

How To Lose Weight Naturally Challenge-Nov 2014

Hi Friends, Welcome back, myself Sandeep Kumar & I am here to share my ‘Weight Loss Challenge’ experience with you all. Those who are new here, I would like to tell you guys that I am over weight and to reduce my weight I have given myself a challenge. I have decided that I’ll lose […]

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